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Queen Elizabeth II is one of the richest women in the world, with a personal net worth of more than $500 million. But where does her wealth come from?

The new British government is currently looking into cutting the Queen’s pay – particularly now they have billions in cost cuts to announce. However, they can only affect one portion of her income. The rest is either privately owned or firmly established in law.

Time has shared a fascinating breakdown of where the Queen’s money actually comes from.

1. Private Income

The Queen earns money from her family’s private estates, including Balmoral Castle in Scotland, Sandringham House in Norfolk, and assorted other royal residences. She also has a personal investment portfolio.

Like everybody else, she must pay income tax on her earnings.


2. The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate is the Crown’s property portfolio. According to Time, this huge collection of property and land is worth $15 billion, including “most of the U.K.’s seabed, Regent Street in London and Buckingham Palace”. The Queen is entitled to 15% of profits from this estate; last year, it provided more than $60 million.

This is the one area of the Queen’s profits that the government has the power to change. While designed to cover the Queen’s home and work expenses, these earnings are now significantly more than the actual costs they cover. However, there is a clause that prevents this grant from ever being cut out completely.

3. The Duchy of Lancaster

This is a territory owned by the Duke of Lancaster – a title that, since 1413, has been held by the current reigning Queen or King. This title (and its perks) belongs to the monarch (the current title holder) rather than the crown itself.

The Queen is entitled to revenue (known as the “Privy Purse”) from the use of this land, which came at a tidy $19 million in 2013.

This is one of two duchies in England. The other, the Duchy of Cornwall, provides income for Prince Charles.


How do you feel about one person earning such staggering wealth by birthright? Is it money well earned, or would you prefer to see it go elsewhere?




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  1. deserves every penny. The people who think otherwise, wouldn’t be able to cope…. Tell me of another 89yr old who puts in the hours she does and the travel for their job? I have the highest admiration for her and her family.

    2 REPLY
    • she is the Monarch, she opens events, visits countries, meets people at the palace I don’t know for sure, but use your imagination, she isn’t sitting idlly by doing nothing like many elderly waiting to die.

  2. It’s just like any person who has things handed down to them from previous generations only hers is on a bigger scale. They are obviously good investments and make money for her. And on the larger scale, she would have to pay out more also.

    1 REPLY
    • True Fran, unlike our politicians & the ultra rich who sets up “family trusts” for tax minimization, or use “tax havens” to squirrel away their stash!

  3. bump

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  4. The Royal Family are the biggest tourist asset the UK has ! Whether you like it or not thousands of people travel there every year hoping for a glimpse or just to see Buckingham Palace . The Queen is probably the most recognised woman in the world and at her increasing age still attends many functions always looking amazing !

    2 REPLY
    • i actually have a photo of when I went at 21, I was walking along the river near Westminster Abbey & looking at other sites, when I saw a group gathering at the river, they told me that the Queen was coming so I joined the group.
      Then as I had said I was from Australia someone shoved me forward & I got a great shot of the Queen and Prince Philip following behind her.

    • They are an asset, to England not the UK but not the biggest. They cost the tax payers of not only England, but Scotland, Wales and Ireland a fortune, the money would be better spent on the poverty over there !

  5. The monarchy bring in a lot of money for England . While she is alive she earns what she gets . I’m sure some is paid for out of her own purse . She has trimmed off a lot of hangers on . She is England with all the pomp .

  6. Kim Parry I think is correct. Many of the few would love to get rid of the Monarchy, but what would you replace them with…..a President? Come off the grass….the world is in enough turmoil and I think the Queen despite her wealth is worth every cent or pound or shilling! People need something to believe in.

  7. I’m gobsmacked. Without pushing too hard you can see income of 79 million pounds a year and let us face it she makes a bloody lot more. Converted to Aussie dollars the 79 million pounds comes in at about 150 million dollars plus. Then some fool tells me she works hard and long hours and lives in a glasshouse so deserves the 150 million dollars plus a year. Bloody hell I’d live in a light globe and work 30 hours a day for that.

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