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via Kensington Palace Instagram

When it comes to family catch-ups, even the royals will carpool! These candid new photos show the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and baby George arriving together at a Christmas lunch hosted by the Queen.

Since Prince William was unable to attend, Prince Harry was on uncle duty as he chaperoned Kate and George to Buckingham Palace. Cute parallels were drawn between baby George’s pose, when compared to his uncle.

Other royals checking in with the Queen for an extended family lunch included Prince Edward, Zara Tindall and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Can you imagine an extended Christmas lunch with the royal family? Do you carpool to family get-togethers?

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  1. It shows that they are not money wasters and that they less pollute than others. I think it is great, a beautiful family.

  2. of course not …Judith. …all the royals worry themselves sick about saving taxpayers money…

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    • probadly cheaper that they didn’t …did you know that the cost of their security is unknown ( exempt under the freedom of information ) so they would needed even more police protecting them ..another burden for the British taxpayer less police available for the public …

  3. I’m glad they save money, the Royal Riches were gained from the harshest thuggery in days gone by. Many a jewel paid for by a life of starvation and misery by the British poor, taxed into their graves. It’s fitting what they have should not be squandered, they did not earn the family wealth originally, they stole it from the poor, so poor it was cruelty of the highest order.

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  4. Love the young royals,the media needs to leave them alone and stop picking on Kate she can’t look beautiful 24hrs a day especially when you have kids.

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