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A man was having some stomach pains, so he went to see his doctor. The doctor looked him over and declared, “Sir, you have a tapeworm. Please come back in three days, and bring a banana.”

While confused, the man does as the doctor asks. At his next appointment, the doctor instructs the man to take off his pants and bend over.  The man is worried, but it turns to shock as the doctor ‘introduces’ the banana to his system.

The doctor says after he’s done, “Excellent job. Now please come back in three days with another banana.” The man trusts his doctor so he does as he’s instructed.

The doctor again asks the man to remove his pants and once again ‘introduces’ the banana to the man’s body. The strange treatment is working on the man’s pains so he continues to follow the doctor’s advice for five more visits. During the fifth visit, and after the banana’s introduction, the doctor says, “I’m happy with how the treatment is going. We only need one more session. Come back in three days with a hammer this time.

The man returns with a hammer three days later. When the doctor tells him to once again take his pants off and hop up on the table he’s worried because he knows what happened to the bananas. Nothing happens as the doctor stands behind him and waits with the hammer.

After a few minutes, a tapeworm pops out of the man, looks at the doctor and says “Hey! Where is my banana?”

A guy says to the bartender, “A glass of your finest Less, please.”

“Less? Never heard of it.”

“C’mon, sure you have.”

“No, really, we don’t stock it. What is it? Some kind of foreign beer?”

“I’m not sure. It was my doctor who mentioned it. He said I should drink Less.”

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