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We have all been in that uncomfortable situation of needing the toilet but having no idea where the nearest one is. Whether you’re travelling or just shopping in a different area these apps will be able to help with this regular challenge.

Toilet Finder

The Toilet Finder app is free and available at the Nokia Store, the App store, Google Play and Windows Phone Marketplace. This app has 120,000 toilet facilities listed and will guide you to your nearest toilet.

Sit or Squat

This app not only gives you a good laugh at the name, it is very helpful for finding your closest bathroom. Whether you are travelling or just unsure where the toilets are this app will help you out when you need to go. Additionally Sit or Squat allows you to rate bathrooms but choosing “sit” for clean bathrooms or “squat” for bathrooms that could be better. This app is free and available on most Apple products and Android.

Where to Wee

Where to Wee is another toilet finding app that allows users to rate their bathroom experiences. The rating scale is based on colours and can give you a heads up about bathrooms that might not be the nicest. It is also free and available of Apple and Android devices.

The National Public Toilet Map is an other way to easily find toilets anywhere in Australia. It provides information regarding opening hours, facilities (such as baby change rooms or showers) and accessibility.

Can you recommend any other apps?

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  1. Strange place really need to go, first find someone to ask them follow directions and hope you make it

  2. What next? I’ve travelled extensively both here and overseas and never had a problem finding a toilet. I venture to say that if you DO have a problem and can’t ask someone or read a sign, perhaps an app and a smart phone might be a bit beyond you?

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