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Do you love to cook? So does our reader Lyn! The only trouble is, she can’t remember a very useful trick her grandmother taught her. Are you able to help?

She asked:

My grandmother once showed me how to tell self raising flour and plain flour apart. She sprinkled some or each on a tray and put them in a hot oven. Now I can’t remember what the self raising flour did different from the plain flour. I have some how mixed up the containers I used to store the flours and guess what the labels have come off!

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  1. this an old trick my grandmother taught me, get 2 glasses or cup of water drop a little of each flour into the cup, self raising flour has baking soda and it should fizz if the flour is not to old and inactive. Another way to tell is to taste it, self raising flour has salt added

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  2. I am sorry I wouldn’t have a clue, I would probably bake the cake and it would end up like a pancake.

  3. Put your flour in water. It should be slightly fizzy due to the presence of baking powder if it is active self raising flour. If it is plain it should react like normal flour. This is a comment I read on Google. Hope it is correct and it helps.

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