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When faced with a terminally ill cancer diagnosis from a doctor that would look her in the eye, Kate Granger set out to change the system that failed her. While she accomplished many great things while fighting a particularly rare and aggressive form of cancer, she is finally at peace after passing away this morning age 34.

Kate started the #HelloMyNameIs campaign that fought for more compassionate cancer care and continued to work hard right up till the end. The first goal was to raise just under $90,000 and raised double that in the first two years of the charity.

The charity has helped many live their “bucket lists” and raised it’s funds by teaming up with companies that want to make sure that people get the biggest and best experiences in life. Kate also wrote two bestselling books The Other Side and The Bright Side with the proceeds going to the #HelloMyNameIs charity. She continued to fund raise up until the end, as just last week she helped raise over $400,000 in her most ambitious fundraiser.

For all, she did she was awarded a Member of the Order of the British Empire award and even a personal letter of gratitude from the new British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Kate remained close with the community that she helped create via social media and with her husband at her side was able to try to make the most of her final days.

Sadly it was her husband, Chris, that let the world know of this truly great person’s passing via a social media platform that she loved.

To show their support and share their sadness many doctors from all over the world are putting #HelloMyNameIs in their social media handles to show their respects.

What do you think about what Kate did with the time she was given? Have you had to witness a similar life in your family or friends circle?

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