Which cheese goes with which wine? Here’s how to get it right every time… 9



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Wine and cheese nights can be fancy or just a casual get together with friends. Either way it is always nice to serve a wine that complement the cheese… but which food and beverage actually pair up? We have created a simple guide to help you have the most enjoyable evening possible.

  • Soft cheese with chenin blanc
  • ripened cheese shiraz
  • blue cheese with riesling
  • semisoft cheese with chardonnay
  • semi-hard cheese with pinot noir
  • hard cheese with merlot.

Do you have any guides you use when expecting guests?

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  1. Is the cheese fresh (as opposed to processed)? Yes. Is the wine in a bottle? Yes. Then they go together.

  2. I’m not sure how to approach this, I’m more inclined to try various cheeses than wines, mainly because I want to be on my feet at the end of the evening. Phew.

  3. I don’t Like red wine, I only drink white wine in moderation with my favourite cheeses. 🍾 🧀 😇

  4. It’s a personal taste thing. No one should be able to dictate to others what they should lije or eat.
    I eat whatever cheese I like with whatever fruit I like and whatever wine I like.

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