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Selfies at funerals, selfies at traffic incidents and here’s another one for you – selfies with homeless people.

Yes, it’s true. Some pictures are actual selfies with homeless people in the background and others are of the unfortunate folks captured on camera without their permission.

It seems that some people have become so insensitive that the misfortune of others are regarded as entertainment and that is needless to say, profoundly sad.

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This man uploaded an image of himself onto Instagram with a homeless person. And another couple did the same when they found a person sleeping in the park.

Photo: Tumblr (Selfies With Homeless People)

These two images are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many that a blog was set up to document them.

What has become of our society?

Apart from selfish selfies, bullying on social media has been rampant and don’t be surprised that it is not limited to just teenagers or millenials.

Bullies don’t realise is that, their actions can have a big impact on the victim especially if he is lonely and depends on social media for human interaction.

You would think that as people mature and progress through life, that they would stop negative behaviours of their youth. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as adults too can be big bullies.

Apparently, ‘adult-bullying’ is a common thing now where a group of people come together in real life or on social media to intimidate and bully another adult, though adult social media bullying happens more as people tend to hide behind their avatars.

Bullying can involve name-calling and making insulting personal remarks based on the victims cultural background, religion and sexual preference, just because of a difference in opinion.

What bullies don’t realise is that, their actions can have a big impact on the victim especially if he is lonely and depends on social media for human interaction.

But the worse incident that probably proved that society has become insensitive is this – a 60-year-old man died at work but no-one realised he was lifeless until two days later.

According to the head of personnel at the office in Helsinki, the man’s closest colleagues had been out at meetings when he died. He was found only when a friend called to have lunch with him.

There were about 100 other staff in the auditing department on the same floor the dead tax official worked on.

In another incident at the Croydon Market, a 71-year-old man lay dead in the driver’s seat of his car for up to a week, unnoticed by a council parking officer who even stuck a ticket to the vehicle’s windscreen.

The man’s friend, known only as Marie, said yesterday she was disgusted by the parking officer’s behaviour. “From what the police had told me, it would have been very obvious he was deceased, so I’m really disgusted,” she told 3AW.

While there are so many stories that show how society has lost its heart, there are still those who prove that it is indeed still beating strong, by coming together and helping those in need. What do you think?


Do you think society has become too insensitive?

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  1. Too insensitive when it really matters and too sensitive in political correctness!

  2. I blame tv for the profanities, programmes like NCIS, Bones which show no compassion when performing autopsies, and a general casualness in attitude towards the deceased. Games like like Call of Duty where killing is required. Movies which are violent and there’s plenty of those. There will be a new generation who have no regard for humankind.

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