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Malcolm Turnbull has been doing everything he can to see whether Australians will arc up against him and his feedback gathering is simply growing his confidence to act on the big issues, or it was, until the latest NAB Business confidence figures were released today showing a slide in confidence. If you’ve been watching carefully, the Liberals appear to be in “sounding board” mode, testing out a number of big issues in an informal manner using the media to gauge public sentiment for addressing them properly over coming months. He’s hammered home the need for welfare reform aimed at family tax benefits, discussed significant tax reform with indications the Government could be interested in raising the GST, suggested changing the health insurance system might be important and eluded to the need for changes to the pension assets tests too. There’s been significant public furore at the issues, but none of it had stuck to Malcolm Turnbull or the Liberal Government in the last 8 weeks, until now. In fact, quite the opposite.

It is Mr Turnbull’s eighth week in Government and his public approval rating, according to Newspoll, continues to rise. Yesterday, Roy Morgan were reporting an extraordinary rise in business confidence, but today, the wind has come out with NAB’s report showing the business confidence report sliding back to just 2 points, just one point above where Tony Abbott saw it sitting two months ago as 1. It spiked last month to a high of 5, after a month of Turnbull in the lead.  It seems people feel comfortable with Malcolm Turnbull making decisions, but not as comfortable as they did last month. So we have to ask whether Turnbull’s gloss has worn off, leaving people waiting for significant action to prove his resolve?

Yesterday saw business confidence pushing sharply higher in the Roy Morgan Business Confidence Survey for October, when it increased 6.5 points or 5.8 percent to 119.3. This is the highest it has been in a whole year, and follows a strong month in September when Turnbull ousted Abbott from the top job.
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NAB’s numbers today point to a less pretty picture. The Sydney Morning Herald reports NAB economists, led by Alan Oster, describing confidence as “somewhat fickle”, and suggested the relief from both Canberra’s leadership change and from the end of recent global market turmoil was short-lived.
“The confidence index eased back in the month, unwinding much of the gain following the government’s leadership resolution and a paring-back of concerns about emerging markets,” he said.

The latest Newspoll is also out today, and in it Turnbull has found himself again strongly ahead of Bill Shorten as preferred Prime Minister, something we thought was impossible a few weeks ago and the Coalition has found themselves again on the up. On two-party preferred basis, the Coalition is ahead by six points, 53 percent to 47 percent for Labor. It’s important though to see that Turnbull’s lead over Shorten narrowed slightly, down from 46 points to 43 points, and Shorten’s popularity grew from 17% to 18%.

“They see in Malcolm Turnbull a person who has a vision for this country and I think that’s why people are supporting him,” Dutton said to Sky News.

What do you think? Is Malcolm Turnbull’s gloss wearing off or do you think he is doing a good job?

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. The latest Newspoll is also out today, and in it Turnbull has found himself again strongly ahead of Bill Shorten as preferred Prime Minister, something we thought was impossible a few weeks ago and the Coalition has found themselves again on the up. On two-party preferred basis, the Coalition is ahead by six points, 53 percent to 47 percent for Labor. It’s important though to see that Turnbull’s lead over Shorten narrowed slightly, down from 46 points to 43 points, and Shorten’s popularity grew from 17% to 18%.

    “They see in Malcolm Turnbull a person who has a vision for this country and I think that’s why people are supporting him,” Dutton said to Sky News. True!

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    • He certainly does have a vision for Australia and it’s exactly the same as Abbott’s. I cannot understand why he is popular. I guess a lot of people like to be exploited.

    • Not really – as shown by the Baird government in NSW – voters just want good government & good management of the economy.

    • Bob, we’re not getting either of those from the federal government at the moment. I’m still waiting for good government to start.

    • 9 weeks as PM – early days – I would like to see people give him a go – not sure what all the posters hope to achieve with the “sumbag, Turncoat” comments – I would like to see what ever government that is in get it right – but maybe I ma too optimistic – there are too many variations in ideology across the country.

    • No, you look at his history Bob. Do your own research. Deforestation in the Solomons , his Rainman, let’s seed the Clouds debacle, just to name two. Voracious greedy opportunistic man. His most recent bullshit opting for Copper, and employing his mates for the NBN and failing to be questioned on his nepotism. He is also the most rejected politician in our history.

    • Bob Allan Some people are just so negative Bob, they’d call anyone in the chair a scumbag. Too lazy to work, so gotta blame someone.

    • His vision is very blurred when getting his right hand man. Will be his downfall. Uncaring bombastic turn coat to say the least.

    • Bob, the Baird government are going to look good in the short term because the bastard is selling off anything he can to prop up his policies.

    • NSW – the Premier State – when NSW fires the rest of Australia is carried in its wake – from years of infrastructure neglect by previous Labour governments – who had no vision of the future – we now have a modern day leader who understands that Sydney and other areas of our state are not going to shrink – just grow. So some tough decisions are to be made & perhaps you need to sell some “stuff” that helps you get a better state?

    • Wayne Ferne, so anyone who thinks Turnbull is a lousy PM is too shiftless to work? Hmmm, that’s funny, I know lots of fully employed people who share the opinion.

    • Rob Mcgrath – whatever you “feel” or “think” about our PM – he has worked hard to get his wealth & position – so I would suggest he would dismiss the comments of “Turncoat, Scumbag, etc,. – Malcolm has a clear vision that he wants this country to be as good as he can make it – 9 weeks as PM – early days – hopefully the detractors will give him the opportunity & along with his supporters reap the rewards.

    • I don’t think he’s a ‘turncoat’. I think he’s just the same as Abbott, but with a glossier image.

    • Bob wait for the bun fight and yep it will happen, the States are only approving a rise in the GST so they can spend it in their own states but yesterday in Parliament Morrison said it will be going to the Federal Government..think the States will wear that? should be fun to watch

    • Rosalind Battles when the GST came in – I think 2000 under Howard – everyone screamed that the sky was going to fall! It didnt & GST works – it is a much fairer & simpler system that the previous unbelievably complicated sales tax. Raising it to 15% will make no difference – pensions and welfare payouts will rise to compensate those that need it – but overall it will raise the revenue needed to support the coming huge requirement to support the ageing population and future infrastructure commitments.

    • Next poll will be interesting Bob they have cut family tax B for children over 13 years old, but except for grandparents looking after teens and single mums..but only at the ALP’S insistence if they had not left Grandparents and single mums alone the ALP would not have passed the bill

    • Bob Allan, it is good to be an optimist, but don’t ruin it with naivety! Because that is the space in which Turnbull is hoping to gain traction! He is a master operator.

  2. He is jthe same old “Turncoat Turnbull with a smarmy smile – sold the Aussie people out on so many levels. Climate, mining, extra tax hitting the poor (not so much for the rich) In bed with Obama and Now Promoting Sharia Law in Australia. Guess he has no regard at all for the subjugation and abuse of women and children at the hands of Muslim clerics.

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    • You are a somewhat typical Australian, got nothing better to offer or credibility in managing the country yet you take time out with words to critisise someone who has the where with all to manage 22 million people and the country in the context of the wider world. Amazing how there are so many of your kind who have never managed 22 million people and a country in the context of the wider wolrd!!

    • I’m one of those 22 million Ron (24 million actually, but let’s not split hairs), and I’m not too thrilled with what Turnbull is proposing in the way of changes. At the moment, but who knows how long for, we’re a democracy and entitled to state our views, so I’ll state them. Funnily enough you have the same right and have just exercised it. Just because we don’t agree on Turnbulls capabilities doesn’t give you the right to think you’re view is the only one that matters

  3. Dead scared of the GST raising…..tax reform should look at a flat rate for all levels…..the only way it can be even…..Turnbull is a narcissist in my opinion

  4. Ha ha ha he couldn’t get his NBN organised . What hope have we got as him being PM seriously Bob Allan ?

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    • Kay – Malcolm took on a project that was designed & started by the previous government – unfunded & unbugeted – but worst of all they did not understand the magnitude of the roll out – its a Biiig country – fibre to every house – give us a break. For your interest NBN is rolling out & it is working – speak to anyone who has it & they love it.

    • Bob, stop defending the indefensible, he’s trying to roll out a second rate system with no financial savings and is going to take longer. I won’t see it before 2017 at the earliest. Crap Bob, just total crap.

  5. No! He the best PM since John Howard. Like your work, Mr. Turnbull.

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    • Just what is it that he’s done apart from taking credit for everything that Tony Abbott had in place.

    • Howard wasn’t called Jack boot for nothing, he was the one that brought in the GST but prior to his first term said we would never have a GST. Have you forgotten about the children overboard lies. We’ve had better since then accept for Abbott and Turnbull has a way to go yet, yes 8 weeks in but the first 3 were holidays.

    • Howard led the most profligate government in our history and put in place the structural deficit we now have to deal with. Turnbull has exactly the same policies as the loathsome Abbott. I will never understand why Turnbull is popular with the very people he is seeking to hurt.

  6. Seems more Australians have realised that the LNP doesn’t govern for the benefit of all of us, only the financially endowed are protected and looked after by the current political party

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    • Bob Allen: let’s talk about the polls. They’re not real as they ring the liberal fans anyway. They polls mean nothing to me.

    • Robyn Payne – So any body that gets a pollster phone call is a Liberal? PS my surname is “Allan”

    • Hey wayne ferne I have never been rung or approached to participate in a political survey for polls . I know of no one else either. Has any one else? ….as far as favour goes I couldn’t care less

    • Who’s polls Bob? Murdocks or the independent ones? Propaganda doesnt become the truth regardless of how often it is repeated or how aggressively its shouted. People aren’t stupid and many can see the real facts.

    • Lynette Miles, have you been following the Royal Commission into Trade Unions? It’s a bit rich to be singling out Liberals after what’s been revealed there!

    • Malcolm has done nothing except to project his image.when is he going to settle into business. No policy changes no testing the water to see how the Senate will react. I don’t think he, has anything other than his smile . This image is wearing off fast along with his top Ministers.

    • Ken McLennan have you been following the NSW ICAC? Set up I believe to expose Labor corruption, didn’t that work well for the Libs!!

  7. Get Labor a decent leader and things may change but at this point in time Turnbull “appears” to be the better option.

  8. I said when he got the job Malcolm is a snake oil sales man. How do you think he got so rich. It is in is DNA and he still is a politician no good a

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    • Turnbull attended Sydney Grammar School before going to the University of Sydney, where he received a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws. He then attended Brasenose College, Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar, where he attained a Bachelor of Civil Law. Before entering politics, Turnbull worked as a journalist, lawyer, investment banker and venture capitalist. In 1993, he became the Chair of the Australian Republican Movement, serving in the position until 2000. – so Frank Malcolm is not dumb & once he achieved his professional credentials he made his money by not being a snake oil salesmen but in his profession. Get the facts right.

    • Well done iam impressed as a what you would call a tradie i was on an hourly rate witch never exceeded $60 an hour. So what hourly rate was Malcolm on no good a

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