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Yesterday’s Operation Fortitude debacle proved the power of public backlash and protest. And now, the morning after, Australian people and officials alike have some powerful opinions to share.

The day began with the Australian Border Force announcing a plan to patrol the Melbourne CBD, checking visas on the street and “speaking with any individual we crossed paths with”.

This raised immediate concerns, with the words “racial profiling” and “police state” frequent among media and social media backlash. Follow-up statements clarifying plans did little to ease fears.

Demonstrators quickly gathered outside Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station, bringing the city centre to a standstill and ultimately causing the planned press conference to be cancelled.

Within hours of announcement, the operation was dead in the water.

The social media reaction was, as usual, equal parts humorous and pointed:

The cancelled operation has gotten just as much criticism on an official level.

MP Andrew Wilkie was perhaps harshest of all, releasing a statement that “Joseph Stalin would be proud of Tony Abbott”.

“Just as East Germany’s Stasi would be delighted with the Australian Border Force — why, even General Pinochet would be impressed”.

“Since the terrorist attacks in the US in 2001, Australians have been subject to countless new security law excesses, including the mandatory retention of metadata by the current government”.

“To now have the prospect of the Australian Border Force “randomly” stopping people in Australia is surely the final straw”.

The Victorian Government also released a statement criticising the ABF’s communication.

“The State Government was notified this month that Victoria Police would lead a joint-agency operation this weekend in the CBD aimed at keeping Victorians safe”, said the statement.

“We were advised it would target anti-social behaviour and commuters to ensure people got home safely”.

“We fully support the decision by Victoria Police to cancel the operation after the unfortunate and inappropriate characterisation by the Australian Border Force today”.

Senator David Leyonhjelm called the cancellation “good news”.

“Either the Border Force are doing racial profiling, in which case they should stop it, or they are hassling everyone, and they should stop that as well”.

What did you make of yesterday’s news and its response? Is this truly the final straw? Will this change the way we respond to future government blunders?

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  1. This Government is disgrace, we are losing all freedom inch by painful inch, stop the rot, vote them out

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    • and who are you going to vote in? the vile and destructive twofaced, lying Greens or the villainous, corrupt, lying socialist Labor? so this country can be destroyed quicker.

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      • You’ve got that right, Marie!
        These people want open borders, no checks, just let in all terrorists (read moslems) and other leeches breaking our laws. It won’t be long before Australia will be like the Europe we see on TV every night.
        God help Australia!

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        • Agree wholeheartedly Pamela and Marie. I have never understood how Australians and others can look at the news everyday and say either it is not happening or its propaganda. Australia has its head in the sand and must take it out and realise that YES What is happening in Europe/UK/Scandinavia can and will happen here if we do not close our borders now. These people are not running from war, and if the few that are then why are they not in their own countries helping the courageous few of their country men and women fight for their lands. What is Europe going to do with the hoards they have now. No one in their right mind wants them, there is not the space and the infrastructure to cope with them. I am very frightened by what I see.

    • You bloody bet I will be voting ALP Marie Gammon and so will my wife, we are not voting for the bloody Dictator we have running the country now and as for lying..well you Liberals have won the race on that..read it in Abbotts own words

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      • All you Labour lovies can queue up on the docks or at the detention centre gates to take home you own illegal immigrant or asylum seeker to look after yourselves when Shorten throws open the borders. Just do not ask me for my hard earned taxes to pay for it.

  2. They had no choice but to cancel it, if they got that many protesters there in a short amount of time, how many would have turned up the next day? Abbott invented this Border Farce, it it is another of his Captains calls and the responsibility for them is all his.

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  3. OMG is stupidity in fashion? It was a great idea & has been happening for years people!!!! Even under Labor!!!! It happens all over the world. Why weren’t all these demonstrators at work, looking for work or at Uni.? When these illegals work for cash they take your jobs & you want to protect them? Use your brains for a change.

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  4. This is another nail in the Liberal Governments coffin, people can see with the Data retention laws and now this.. our freedom as a Nation is heading out the window, the bad news for this Government is , that many are so horrified and disgusted by his Stalinist approach that the chances of them winning the next election are fading right in front of us. Racism has been rearing its ugly head this country ever since this Government was elected

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  5. Thank God people power is still able to prevent something so drastic and potentially dramatic! The very name, Australian Border Force, smacks of everything Andrew Wilkie said in his statement, not to mention those uniforms! I should feel sorry for a government and the minds that dream up bodies and events such as this but hey, how can I? They’re imposing this on us, the ordinary people of Australia. There is a potential problem to be solved, but why attempt to crack a peanut with a steamroller?
    Thank you to all those good people in Melbourne yesterday.

  6. I know I have had enough of irresponsible decisions being made by the ABBOTT GOVERNMENT when there are more important issues which are totally being ignored, really how can any self respecting AUSSIE except what this pathetic Government are doing on a daily basis to bring Australia down, there’re a disgrace and an embarrassment.

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  7. Tony “no cuts” Abbott has been the subject of many discussions here and I have contributed my thoughts prolifically. Regarding the setting up of the secretive “Border Farce” with their secretive missions and their secretive controllers – (no, Thomas, I don’t think it’s the Fat Controller)…….words fail me. (for now)

  8. If there was ever any doubt about the farce that is currently attempting to pass itself off as a government, this fiasco should have ended those doubts. This is a government so bereft of sound, progressive social and economic policy that it has taken to diversionary ‘fiddling while Australia burns’.

    12 REPLY
    • Margrit Cleall yes he is talking crap ..he does not mind who walks our streets ….just let them in and hope they are upstanding ILLEGALS ..well no that is not how ANY country runs their borders…..i did not see tony abbott out there with them . the govt of the day sets policy but does not run any police forces …this would have happened and has happened under BOTH GOVTS …

    • Graeme Condely,maybe instead of referring to immigrants as ILLEGALS you should start thinking of them as human beings who are desperately fleeing God only knows what atrocities . Yesterday 70 Human beings died in the back of a truck ,suffocated to death and in that truck were 4 children!can you imagine for one minute what that was like !!! No probably not,let’s face it so long as it isn’t on you’re doorstep……So far this year 2500 mostly desperate people have died trying to get a better life and a lot of them are women and children.yes Abbott has stopped the boats but at what cost???

    • How many homeless have you got living and being supported in your house Deborah. You do what you like with your money, but don’t tell me who i have to support with my tax contribution. Abbott is only clearing up the mess that Labor is in denial about leaving the country in.

    • People cannot have everything they want Leone. O’Sullivan, oh unless one has a Labour govt… Then perhaps they can but not for long as we would have to sell the farm to get it!

      As the world slips into financial crisis, Australia (the prosperous country) MUST learn to not only be sound financially but LEARN to stand on its own… This can only happen with a gvt that’s prepared to tell you enough is enough already and “NO you can’t have it” no matter how much you scream…


      This means some will have to go without TOO BAD…

    • John Plummer, agree with what you say mostly….however with the politicians ripping the public off left right & centre and looking after THEMSELVES they keep telling the rest of us the age of entitlement has to stop YET does not seem to apply to them????
      Most people could accept necessary cuts if EVERYONE followed the same ruling. As for going without ??? try telling someone who is trying to live on the New Start Allowance as a mature age paying rent & cannot find a job on just under $300 p/wk including rent allowance. Not everyone is financially stable.

    • John Plummer. “Sell the farm?” Unfortunately previous Liberal governments have done that. there is nothing left. This government could not wait to get their hands on even medibank private.

  9. This government are the worst we ever have had – trying to create fear upon fear and dissention amongst the Australian people I have never heard of such rubbish that they need to patrol and look for people with visas absolute rubbish. Get rid of this Government and this type of thinking and behaviour.

    2 REPLY
    • GOOD IDEA WHO COMES TO AUSTRALIA ILLEGALLY IS NOT THE GOVTS BUSINESS ..HOW DARE THEY FIND AND DEPORT THEM ..jan marie brooke ..let them in the more the merrier …laws are silly oppose them all

    • Graeme you would have been in your element in Germany in 1939. All your hatred & fear mongering would have made you a hero. Some of us have become a litle more enlightened thank God.

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