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Hate washing up? So do we! It’s time consuming, difficult, messy and let’s be honest, an apple crumble looks great in the dish and may taste delicious but washing up the baking tray is quite unappelling.

However, we may never have to do it again because scientists are telling us all to stop!

According to researchers from the UK, washing up should be replaced by using the dishwasher for one good reason… To save water! Considering we’re on the edge of an El Nino event, Australians should listen up and take this advice too.

Apart from saving thousands of litres of water each month when using the dishwasher, you’re also getting a much better clean. If saving water isn’ enough to get you using the machine, this may be. The kitchen sponge is rather germ infested. A 2012 study found that it can be 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat!

The correct temperature to wash plates and actually get rid of bacteria is 60 degrees C. This is too hot for most people to handwash, so you can guarantee they’re always coming out germ free in the dishwasher.

So there you have it: if you don’t like washing up, you really shouldn’t have to do it again!

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  1. Well known a dishwasher uses a lot less water over a day than hand washing a couple of times a day.

  2. Dishwasher & clothes dryer – couldn’t live without either !!

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    • I disagree with the regular use of a clothes dryer, depending on your outside drying facilities of course. I rarely use mine, probably 12 months since the last time. Clothes horse in a warm house seems to cope with times of constant rain, which are rare out west!

  3. The dishwasher has always seemed more hygienic to me. Water temperature is higher, no dubious sponges or dish mops and tea towels. As you are cooking used dishes can be put into the dishwasher out of the way. Mine current dishwasher seems incredibly slow however.

  4. Do you know what annoys me? It says you need 60 deg hot water to wash up. From 1982 until cyclone Marcia this year, I had 60 deg water straight from the solar system on the roof. It was bloody hot and I used it to fill the jug for tea/coffee and it didn’t take much power to bring to the boil. Same with boiling water for rice, pasta. It was brilliant for washing up. Now, in the nanny state, my replaced hot water system has to have a mixer in it to bring the water temp down to 50 deg. Understandable in the bathroom I suppose so why not put the cool mixer in the pipe to the bathroom not the kitchen where hot/boiling water is used every day. Instead of the overflow being piped straight down the wall into the gully trap, now it has to have a separate special pipe down to a hole dug in the ground. What university educated fool made these expensive decisions?

  5. I don’t mind washing up, find it therapeutic. What I would love is a cooking machine. After decades of cooking I’m over it.

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    • How many times in 63 of marriage have I cooked potatoes? Roasted, chipped, mashed, sautéed, etc etc. SO. Over it! And have run out of meat option…husbands teeth not as good as before..we will be eating .mince stew SOON ! Bottom of the barrel!

    • And I bet you are all great cooks. I know I am a great cook but it’s not something I enjoy doing. I cook because I have to eat. LOL

  6. I have only had one dishwasher in my life only wash up one a day now on my own rinse my glass or cup out and use again so don’t have much

  7. I had a dishwashing strike till a dishwasher was installed, wouldn’t be without it , also don’t iron clothes , wrinkles come out on hangers or body

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