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Being a grandparent is a different experience for everyone, and that experience changes with each grandchild. But over the years we each develop a style of grandparenting. It comes from a mix of your personality, your lifestyle and your family attitudes. So have some fun today and tell us, which style of grandparent are you? Are you a mix of a few or just one?


The ones who adore their grandkids, no matter what… [The playmate]

The playmates are the fun ones! There’s nothing that is easier to love than a grandchild and playmates absolutely love their grandchildren. These are the grandparents that give big cuddles, that the kids get excited to see, that give them treats and spoil them. They have the jar of lollies in the car, they have the bedroom ready and made up for special sleepovers and the kids know that when Grandma comes to babysit it’s always going to be a fun night!

This grandparent makes me think of a family friend who always showered her grandkids with kisses, cuddles and only ever had a nice thing to say to them or about them. If they misbehaved there was no real punishment and instead she stood there and looked completely and utterly pleased – perhaps she was enjoying watching her kids deal with what she once did!


The ones who like their grandkids, but are happy to give them back after their annual sleep over… [The casual]

The casual grandparents are those who prefer to prioritise other things over grandparenting. Perhaps they prefer travelling on school holidays as opposed to spending days at the museum or doing something fun with the grandkids. They stay in touch with them but just far enough at the same time. They are happy to talk about the grandkids with their friends but the story of their grandkids and their real relationship with their grandkids reflect very different stories.

There are a few of these around and the one thing they all have in common is fairly high disposable income! Everyone I know who has this grandparenting style enjoys luxurious trips overseas and really does consider spending time with the grandkids a bit of a chore.


The ones who are really second parents… [The surrogate]

The surrogates are the grandparents that pick them up from school, watch them do their homework, make decisions about what they can and can’t do and have a significant role in managing their life. For these grandparents it’s a little less warm and fuzzy because in some cases, you’re also the disciplinarian however that doesn’t make it any less valuable or rewarding.

There are so many grandparents who spend more than 50% of their own time babysitting or caring for their grandchildren – over 70% in fact! I know several of these people and this style of relationship has both pros and cons. They sometimes feel they don’t have the luxury of being ‘friends’ with their grandkids which isn’t always a good thing.


The ones who don’t know how to handle grandkids… [The formal]

The formal grandparents are those who don’t really have a relationship with them. They don’t care much for children and perhaps they weren’t even very hands on parents themselves. They send a present, most likely a good one, at birthdays and special occasions but don’t prioritise actually forming a relationship with their grandkids until they are a little bit older and have some adult value to share with the world.

This is one style of grandparent I can relate to from personal experience. Growing up as a young child my siblings and myself actually weren’t allowed inside their house! They worried we’d ruin or dirty the carpet. We also got versed in complex Latin from the age of about four and our inability to speak it back to my grandfather made it quite unpopular.


The one who waits for the grandkids to come to them… [The backseat]

These are the people who are always there when the grandkids need them to support them, encourage them and give them advice, but they aren’t always there forcing a relationship. The backseat will often be a quieter type of person or may even live away from the grandkids and they have a very positive relationship with them, but not necessarily an intimate one.

The grandparents I know who are like this are really quite lovely people. One in particular is a great man. His children had a falling out and one of them even declines to speak with him now but his grandchildren have all been able to rely on him in times in need.


So there ares the five types of grandparents… Tell us in the comments below, which one are you?

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  1. Yes I guess I am the first type of grandma…. I love them yo bits and I love spending time. They give my life a huge lift.

  2. Combination of 3 types. Love them to bits and spare room beds are always made up, have picked them up from school and supervised them etc but also a bit backseat as we prefer them coming to us even tho we have looked after them or taken them home. We prefer them to have their privacy at home and have lots of things here for them. Think most of us are a combination these days – makes us sound like a Chinese meal!

  3. I am the first type of Grandma. Love them unconditionally. Love my hugs, and having them to stay, and will never tire of of being called Grandma.

  4. I am definitely the playmate! Everything in that category depicts my relationship with my grandkids. I adore them.

  5. Playmate,sewing their toys,knitting their jumpers,spoiling,giving them treats( against mums advice)oops loving them to bits

  6. Playmate..l indulge, rather than SPOIL them. Spend money on Pirate outfits rather than lollies! They are my World ♥♥

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