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As parents and grandparents, we want nothing more than to give our children and grandchildren the best start in life and the best support in life that we possibly can. We’ve been around for many years and have learnt many things the hard way. We’re unique because our generation has experienced many ups and downs that other generations haven’t had to go through, we’ve fought for more causes and made more change in the world than any generation before us.

We asked the Starts at 60 community to tell us what is one piece of advice that they would give to their 20-year-old self. We wanted to encourage conversation at the time, but we didn’t realise just how much wisdom this would share with us. Because of this, we’re sharing it with you, so you can give this list to your children and grandchildren and teach them the morals and the things that really matter in life.

This life advice was taken from the comments and deserve to be shared…

Don’t listen to put downs and don’t get sucked into thinking you’re not good enough.

Follow your own dream and live life how you would like it, not what others want you to do. 

Don’t smoke and exercise while you’re young because your body will thank you when you’re older! 

Travel first, marry later.

Look after your loved ones, be kind to others and be helpful when you can.

Save 10% of every paycheque and your tax refund.

Be sun smart and slip slop slap.

Love and appreciate your body – when you turn 60 you’ll look back and wished you enjoyed it more!

Learn to forgive yourself and others.

Don’t pet the sweaty things and don’t sweat the petty things.

Only you can make your own happiness.

Invest in your education.

Enjoy every minute of your life because time goes quicker than you will believe.

No one can offer you the security you can build for yourself.

There really are a myriad of interesting pearls of wisdom that have to ability to shape who someone is and the life that they have. If we can all teach our children and grandchildren these things, we can know that they’re getting the best start in life they can possibly have. The things we teach our family is our legacy, not the material things.

Tell us, can you think of anymore?  

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  1. Yes we have learnt many things, just as those who follow will also want to learn their own lessons. It would be lovely if we could pass all the tough lessons on but alas they … like us before them …. will learn for themselves. Good guidance is what they need.

  2. Very good article .My parents taught me I taught my own children ,who married well balanced men & therefore my 9 Grandchildren have been taught these things & are wonderful young adults.

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