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Sit Paul McCartney, legendary member of The Beatles, has revealed that he has given up his biggest vice for good. The reason? Not his own health, but to set a good example for his grandchildren!

A regular marijuana smoker, he’s had several run-ins with the law over his more than 50-year career in the music industry, the most extreme was being jailed for 10 nights after attempting to bring a large quantity of marijuana into Japan in 1980.

While speaking to The Daily Mirror, McCartney, now aged 72, explained that he’s given up the weed to set a good example for his grandchildren and he’s found other things to replace it.

“I don’t do it any more. Why? The truth is I don’t really want to set an example to my kids and grandkids.

“It’s now a parent thing,” he explained. “Instead of smoking a spliff I’ll now have a glass of red wine or a nice margarita”.

“The last time I smoked was a long time ago”, Paul enthused.

And there’s something else that he’s using to stay away from the pot… exercise!

“I do a bit of the cross-trainer, a bit of running, a bit of cardio and then I do some weights, some abs on the Swiss ball, before ending up on the mat doing a few stretches. And then standing on my head.

“That’s my big claim to fame! I ­actually learned it in the 60s, it was a yoga thing, and my argument is I need flexibility not strength”.

Considering he’s in remarkably good shape for his age and has very few health complications (that are publicly known) we think he’s made a very good decision!

So tell us, have you given up something for the good of your children or grandchildren? What was it? Did you replace it with something else? 

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  1. Bit late in the piece to be clearing the ‘weed’ out of your garden, Paul, you have still contributed in a big way to the moral decay going on today, and the misery of a great number of people who followed your dubious example, but haven’t had the resources you have had to tidy up after themselves. And, yes, though I still love you to this day, the Japanese incident was a huge disappointment to me, and though you are cleaning up your act now, it’s the parenting your kids learned from you, thats more to the point. 🙂

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  2. Well done Sir Paul. I do find it a bit ironic we are trying to get medicinal pot legalised & he has just quit the illegal stuff!

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