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Are you looking to do some crafty activities with your grandkids these school holidays? We’ve found two great ideas for you to try! They are both great ways to spend some time with your grandkids and are lots of fun to make.

The first is making a butterfly mobile. This easy mess-free craft activity is great for kids of all ages, plus it’ll add a bit of colour to your winter garden. You just need a a few materials and you’ll be making beautiful little butterflies in no time at all. You could also replace the butterfly with any another animal or creature that appeals to your grandkids imagination!

The second is to make polymer clay bag tags. The tags will make it easier to differentiate the kids bags from their friends and it’s pretty exciting that they can make whatever they like! It’s like a grown-up version of play-dough.


1. Butterfly Mobile

What you need

  • Felt
  • Artificial flower stamen for antennas
  • Beads
    • The size of beads can vary depending on the age of the kids. Bigger beads are easier for younger children to thread.
  • 24 gauge wire
    • Make sure your wire is strong enough to hold your butterfly but thin enough to bend.
  • Glue


1. Glue the spots into place and bend flower stamen in half and glue beneath butterfly’s body.



2. Curl one end of your wire into a spiral then bend the wire at the right angle to the spiral.



3. Add beads to the wire leaving approximately 7cm tail of wire. Then make the tail into a circle wrapping the end several times to secure it in place.


4. Glue wire coil underneath the butterfly and it’s all done!


Thank you Coloured Buttons for the wonderful photos and crafty idea! For fun and simple ideas to do with your grandkids visit her website here


2. Polymer Clay School Bag Tags

What you need

  • Polymer clay in at least two colours
  • A blunt knife, clay tools, or palette knives
  • Biscuit tray and an oven
  • Embroidery floss or similar to tie it all together


1. Start by breaking off a small piece and rolling it in your hands to get it soft. You can experiment with whatever shape and colours you’d like.



2. Poke a hole in the top of the letter with a kitchen skewer



3. Make some beads. You can roll different colours together. As well, poke a hole in the centre with the kitchen skewer.



4. Place on biscuit tray and bake according to the packet instructions. Let cool.



5. String your pieces on the embroidered floss. Tie onto a zipper and you’re all done!


Huge thank you to The Craft Train for their clever idea to make Polymer Clay Bag Tags! For more activities to do with your grandkids take a look at their website here


Tell us, will you be doing any crafts with your grandkids this holidays? What do you like to do with your grandkids?

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  1. These are gorgeous and even my teenagers will like them .We always have an arty crafty day in the holidays and I save boxes full of bits and pieces to make fun things.

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