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Yesterday, the Social Services Minister Scott Morrison announced a new scheme to help working families. While the new program is great for struggling parents, it’s even better for grandparents! Here’s why…

The program announced is a $250 million two-year pilot trial that will provide funding for nannies working with families. The income threshold is $250,000 per household annually so it’s a policy that will undoubtedly help lower income families. The scheme is a home-based carer subsidy that will provide an hourly subsidy per child towards the cost of using a nanny.

According to The Guardian, care based on informal circumstances such as family members is ineligible for funding. However, as long as a contract is held between the nanny and the family, it presents grandparents with a really great opportunity.

On the site, we hear so many people discussing their grandkids, especially how often or how little they get to see them. So many people have previously said that as they’re still in the workforce, they can’t afford to wind back their employment to focus on more quality time. But what if you could spend quality time with your grandchild, be a child minder, and help them to grow up while still earning an income and solving your child’s problem of balancing work and childcare as well as finances?

Under this scheme, this is all a very real possibility.

We recently ran an article on the correlation between women retiring from the workforce at the time of their first grandchild being born. As it turns out, there were short-term advantages like getting the joy of spending time with the grandies, but multiple long-term disadvantages.

Retiring early means reducing your income potential and reducing your earnings can prove somewhat dangerous in the long run. This, accompanied by a loss of purpose as other than leisure activities and family obligations there was no other driver, often puts grandparents into a negative mindset.

The proposed nanny scheme could solve this. It means that if agreed by the family and grandparent, the family has access to childcare on a contractual basis, the childcare is cheaper for the family, the grandparent gets to spend more time with the grandkids, the grandparent has a continued income stream and they have employment that they actually enjoy!

While the policy is targeted at families with young children, there’s definitely a good side for the over 60s, so if this goes ahead it could be a win-win situation for you!

So tell us, would you consider grandparenting as employment? Do you think it would work in your family? Is it something you’d like to do? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. I heard the Minister discussing this on the radio yesterday and he stated very clearly, more than once, that this would NOT be available for Grandparents!

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    • Hi Laraine Geoff Vandenberg, if you read the article it’s been made clear it has to be a formal arrangement not casual arrangement – regardless of relative or not.

    • Money will be paid to the approved the company that employes the nannies. Just watch the visa applications sky rocket. No qualifications! ! What a joke.

    • The nanny will have to be hired via an agency. Therefore unless the grandparents apply at the agency for work, they wiil not get paid from the govt scheme. All payments go via a third party. The grandparents can’t be paid directly from their children.

    • If I had an income of $250,000 in household I wouldn’t want a Govt subsidy – this is a ridiculous idea

  2. Another waste of Taxpayers money, if you cannot afford kids don’t have them.

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    • We live in a time where it takes 2 incomes to survive. And mothers are paid to have children. This is just an extension of modern life. Child care should be 24/7. You may not like it but thats life in 2015

    • We live in a time when too many people want too much too soon. We survived on one wage and then when our children were at school I went back to work. We had no luxuries, one car and few treats. We raised our own children and I would not change a thing.

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      • I stayed home with my kids too Marie, but let’s be clear. Our house cost one and a half years of my husband’s wage, – slightly higher than a factory hand’s wage. You can not compare then and now. How many years wage of a clerk does an average house cost now?

    • That’s easy to say David, what about women who get left with children after the husband takes off, or after the husband passes away, & has to work to support them.

  3. This is a waste of money. People work shift work so they can manage their family life. Why would two members of one family work the same shift. One works days and the other works nights. They do it to make more money as they get paid more penalty rates. The govt say they have no money for pensioners but can come up with hate brained scheme.

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    • Not always Wendy, the place I worked in before this one we all had to work, early shift, late shift, night shift & weekends, it changed from fortnight to does make it hard on younger family’s with kids.

    • I know of people who have done the same thing but they worked it out with management that they would’nt be on overlapping shifts.

    • Got no money because they give it away to other countries snd waste it on new buildings for themselves. And lining their own pockets …

    • Well I don’t mind them giving money to Nepal. I have been there and it is a very beautiful country but very third world. They need tourists so they can live and with this latest disaster it is going to take some time for them to recover.

    • You obviously don’t work shifts. It is not always possible to align your shifts to suit childcare. Especially in families where both parents work shift work for different employers. You have no idea!!! You don’t know what picking little ones up from care after 10 pm does to their sleep patterns or those of the parent. Also childcare costs way more after hours. Do some realistic research before making such ridiculous statements.

    • Get a day job then. You only work shift work to make more money. While the children are small you should compromise. Besides this is a ‘Starts at 60 page” you must be talking about other people as you can’t tell me you still have ‘little ones’

    • Agree Janine, & not all employers will let to work your hours around what your partner works, & it’s also difficult for single parents doing shift work.

    • The amount of both partners working in the same place is very uncommon & what about single parents doing shift work, I myself found that very difficult as did other people I worked with, and it’s easy to say just get a day job, but depending on what your profession is that is not always possible.

    • You were the one who wanted the children so I think while they are small you should get a job where you can work while they are at school. A lot of people want to have everything at once. Maybe you can’t buy them everything they want. People are greedy , they wnat to have their careers and they want children. As I said you should compromise.

    • Is it greedy to want to feed, educate, & support your children by yourself after your partner passes away, you make it all sound so simple but everyone has different circumstances & sometimes just needs a bit of support, finding jobs that are just in school hours are not easy to find, & most positions do not pay well for just working those hours, or would you rather more people just go on government support & not work at all, that would cost a lot more than paying for a Nanny.

    • I think the threshhold was $250000. I think anyone earning over $100,000 pa should be able to live on one income anyway. Now I know everyone will have a go at me about mortgages etc but at the end of the day, the young ones today want it all now and expect to get handouts all the way.Don’t get me started on interest rates!!!!

    • A day job with the right hours is very hard to come by. I think this is a great idea but I think the threshold should be 150k or there abouts so that the people who are struggling get the most out of it. Also if both parents are working I cant see that means they are expecting handouts…just a bit of help along the way.

    • Why should they get “help along the way” As I said all parents ever want is everything free. You will find that a lot of the time the parents who both work have their child going to private schools, instead of taking them to the park in their free time they are having music lessons, tennis training, you name it, anything that costs money, and then they want assistance from the govt.

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      • wendy, not all parents want every thing free. And not all shift work is by choice. Police, ambulance etc. you can not always opt for day shift only. I know single parents who are emergency workers, they struggle to work, rather than go onto social security. It seems they get it in the neck from all directions, and no, the ones I know did not choose to be single parents, they did not choose for their children’s father to die. It is rather horrible to lump every one together, and be nasty about them.

    • I work night shift and my kids work daytime and I never sleap before they come home becouse I look my grandson from year one Every day I sleap 3-5 hours a day, it’s enaff= No but after 5 years come better time I never take a dollar from my kids

    • Kathy, that is great, but if you are in your 60’s I think your kids are taking advantage of your kindness.

    • I retired then looked after two grand children for a nominal fee from my daughter (to make her feel better). I was happy to help out and the nominal fee was spent on my grandchildren, as my daughter knew it would be. They are adults now so it’s my turn to enjoy my life. Some oldies are too sick to care for grandchildren but are expected to…..and many are not paid by their children. Each case should be taken on its merit, but don’t abuse one’s parents’ good nature to help. Not sure the idea of a nanny is a good one until I know all the details.

    • Try job sharing….. Why is it a problem now and not when my kids were little. I worked night duty and job shared with another nurse……..try doing with out some of the things every one thinks they need. Second hand stuff works just as we’ll….

  4. Policy state nanny must have appropriate qualifications and paid to an agency think this will rule out most grandparents.unless they want to study at least. Cert 4 in childcare

  5. And of course its the taxpayers paying for it and not the government.

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    • It’s funny how Abbott was against anything to do with childcare, baby bonuses,anything to do with children until his own daughter had children.

    • Yes you are right, with the money he earns he can afford to pay for his own children, so un fairon your average person who struggles from day to day.

    • Yes you are right, with the money he earns he can afford to pay for his own children, so un fairon your average person who struggles from day to day.

  6. The most recent information from the government clearly states that the scheme is not open to relatives or grandparents. Nannies must come from dedicated ‘Nanny’ supply businesses. Nanny supplier businesses must go through a government tender process to be eligible to supply workers. Government subsidies will be paid directly to the nanny supply company not the family or nanny. Even a ‘formal’ arrangement between a grandparent or relative will not be recognised unless they are part of the designated & government approved nanny supply business.

  7. This is why schemes run out of money why would the govt pay people to mind their own grandchildren especially at night when preschools arnt open. Afterall its for shift workers!

  8. Funny how they spout in about raising standards in the child care industry up all qualifications not so they can save money the nannies need no qualifications whatsoever.. this is not about helping families it is about saving them money again and the less well off will wear it again……Nanny services also charge outrages amount the nanny gets paid minimal and the service takes a huge slug

  9. No I would like to care for my grandchildren on my terms. Where is this money coming from? Another rort for agencies to take taxpayers money.

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