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This morning we caught a Facebook status saying,

“Delighted to share the wonderful news that Isabella and Sam are the proud parents of a new baby girl: Eva-Deia Branson. She was born at 4.39pm on February 19th, weighing 7.14oz. Joan and I are the luckiest grandparents alive to have three beautiful healthy grandkids in the space of two months, and Bellie’s parents Mary Gaye and Jo are equally ecstatic.” 

And we’d like to congratulate 64 year old entrepreneur, Richard Branson!

After his daughter had twins last month, his son’s wife has just given birth to a beautiful and healthy little girl. While he’s been spending a lot of time in the British Virgin Islands, he quickly took a flight back to London to meet his new little granddaughter and enjoy some very special family time.

It’s a beautiful thing becoming a grandparent and whether it is the first, second, third or tenth time, it’s still an exciting and precious relationship between a grandparent and their new born grandchild.

Tell us, what do you remember most about your first grandchild being born? 

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  1. Nov 16 2013 on my way to Ireland v Australia rugby union test in Dublin. Daughter called on FaceTime to introduce first grandchild 1 hour old born in Randwick Hospital! Wonderful news barely impacted by heavy loss to Australia in test match!

  2. When my first grandchild was born, (I now have 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren ) I was so overcome that I was left speechless. The only way I could impart the information was to nod to questions from family and friends.

  3. Congratulations to Richard Branson grand children are so very very special…I had the privilige of being present at the birth of my first grand daughter i was at my daughters side holding her hand which she nearlt broke with her grip but grand daughter was delivered in due course and they put her up on her mothers tummy and our eyes met and locked it was the most amazing moment and that grandchild and i share a very special bond and now 23 years later she still lives with me and her husband also and she is a wonderful girl i often say she is gods gift to me as a reward for all the hardship. No one can understand what it is to be a grand parent until you yourself become one.

  4. I remember it so well…it was only a couple of weeks ago! We are the proud first-time grandparents to Liam Jack- we’re absolutely delighted, as are his ‘first-time’ aunties 🙂

  5. was 64 when I became a Nanny for the first time to Finlay… then just 15 months later then came along my second grandbaby.. Caleb is the younger brother to older brother Finlay. Love them to bits although the live in London but are moving back to Australia later this year. I am more then excited to have my daughter and her partner home again after 15 years. <3 <3

  6. I was also fortunate to be at the birth of four more grandchildren we 6 granddaughters one grandson and one great grandson, but being at the birth of your grandchildren

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