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It’s Mothers’ Day weekend and there is nothing more wonderful than home-made Mothers’ Day crafts.  So if the Grandkids are coming to visit, and you are looking for some hands-on ideas for gifts they can make, or beautiful things you can do together, here are a few really special ones.


Homemade Bookmarks

Kids use bookmarks, so do grandmas, and personalised bookmarks make for something very very special to keep and use.  So why not find some photos, cut them out, laminate them and turn them into keepsakes with special, colourful string.





Shell Mobiles

There is nothing more fun for making something for nothing. Collecting shells, painting them and tieing together on a stick collected from the garden in grandparenting and grandkid visits are all about, and costs little more than a tube of paint and a piece of string.  Grandad, and his drill will make the job even easier.




A Big Hug

If you can’t be with your grandies on Mothers Day this is the cutest way to send love I have ever seen.




Coupons of Love and Care

Homemade coupons bring so much joy to people’s lives.  Make a list of all the things you love.


dog walk

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  1. My grandaughters’ made their mother some jewelry on Wednesday for their mother. Each was made differently according to their skills as one is 13, next in line is 11 and then 6. I am sure their mother will really appreciate them when she is given them tomorrow. I love doing craft with the Grandies. The boys didn’t want to do anything that day but most of the time they are fighting over the bits and bobs as well as the girls.

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