Grandma’s side-splitting donut voicemail confession: “I’m not to be trusted with sweets” 0



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We’ve all been guilty of a sneaky sweet from time to time. Maybe that sweet belonged to someone else in the house. Sure there might be some hurt feelings but would you feel bad enough to call their mobile and confess?

A user on Reddit posted a voicemail left by her grandmother confessing of sweet treat thievery. In the voicemail, the woman states that she was innocently walking to the kitchen to get some watermelon when the donut box tempted her with the last jam doughnut.

The voicemail continues that grandma “looked to see if there was a donut left, and I saw that strawberry stuff coming out, and I … took that up with my finger. And then I took a corner off. And from there I ate the whole thing”. A position that I think we have all been in once, twice, or a few more than that in the past.

Not one to leave the story with just an apology she also included a handy tip to her granddaughter saying “I would advise you if you want more donuts you better get some today and keep them in your bedroom because I am not to be trusted with sweets.”

Perhaps this dear lady should get her own box of jam donuts for being so delightful.

What is your irresistible treat? Have you ever been caught eating the last of something? What’s the funniest story of you finding a sneaky eating culprit?

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