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It’s the stuff of nightmares. Grandparents, out with their daughter and baby grandchild, stop to buy a ticket from a window at a Sydney train station. Unaware that the platform has the slightest slope, the grandfather takes his hand off the stroller to pay for the tickets.

The pram starts rolling towards to edge of the platform.

It only take the grandfather a second or so to notice what is happening but by then the stroller has gained momentum and falls onto the tracks, along with the 18-month-old child.

In the distance, a goods train is barrelling towards the station.

The grandfather does not hesitate but jumps down onto the tracks and flings the pram and child onto the platform into the arms of his daughter and wife.

A horn sounds and there’s a heart-stopping moment where grandfather realises he won’t make it back on to the platform.

This story, aired on Nine News last night, is incredible. The family had only arrived in Australia three days before and already the patriarch is being hailed a hero.

Watch the video below to find out what happened next.

Can you imagine how this family is feeling right now? What an incredibly frightening experience!


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  1. It’s about time that manufactures put a brake system on all strollers, one that is permanently on and that is released only if you hold lever to release while moving. Yes in this case he was a hero! Although it could have cost him his life. Prevention is better than Cure.

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    • I thought they did have braking systems after the ones that rolled over into river Torrens here in adelaide 2 lost in weeks. ?

    • All Prams/Stroller have brake systems Its Called being Viligant and using the strap that is provided or using common sense but SADLY there is very little of that these days.

  2. I hadn’t seen the entire story and was terrified that the grandfather had lost his life in this heroic action. Thank goodness, this family is safe.

  3. Yeah like the trolleys in airports. They ain’t going nowhere till you press the handle down!!

  4. things like this happen too often more care please

  5. He is not a hero, people seem to forget or ignore the fact that he is the one who was pushing the stroller and let it go without securing it.

  6. We had a similar situation in South Australia a few years ago when a young woman turned away to answer a mobile phone and her daughter’s pusher rolled into a lake – sadly, the child drowned – a sad lesson!

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  7. Seems to happen too often lately people in charge of caring for these little ones need to be more diligent

  8. Are the brakes on strollers I thought there were. I’d strap it to me as good measure. At least you’d feel it move then.

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