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It was the story that shocked Australia: a young man who was missing for five years’ remains were found at the family home in Geelong.

For years the O’Keeffe family searched for their 24-year-old son, to no avail and with no leads. That was, until last month when Daniel’s father Des discovered human remains when he was digging in his yard.

At the time, the family released a statement about the finding, saying the remains were Daniel’s and they would like privacy while they came to terms with the horrible news that the young man could have potentially been right there at the home the entire time.

Overnight an update to the Missing Person – Daniel James O’Keeffe Facebook page said there will be a funeral for Daniel and the burial service will be private, however anyone wishing to attend the memorial service can find the details via the Geelong Advertiser.

“Thank you so much for your support over the years, and especially in recent weeks. This community has played such an important role in our lives and we are sincerely grateful,” the post read.

 “We want to let you know that Dan will be laid to rest this Friday and ask that you keep us in your thoughts.

“You are wonderful people – we couldn’t have coped without you.”

Last month, police confirmed his remains had been located beneath the family home in a “tight space between a wall of the house and solid rock earth”.

The forensic examination revealed his death was not suspicious, reports 9News.

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  1. ………..and the family didn’t smell his rotting corpse?
    Strange story, as it gives impression he ‘buried’ himself (?)

    1 REPLY
    • yeah I don’t get it either… Its a bit of a secret story. The cops are pretty thorough so its either a simple explanation or the perfect murder… Poor bugger.

      1 REPLY
      • Yeah, Rob, it’s been a really ‘hush-hush’ situation from the very beginning.
        Not casting ‘guilt’ on ANYBODY who r whatsoever, but the fact his father just ‘discovered’ his skeleton whilst ‘digging in the garden/lawn’??????

        Was he ‘covered up’ by soil/lawn?
        How come he couldn’t be ‘seen’ from the lawn?
        How did he ‘wedge’ himself into a supposedly very tight space?
        If he was literally between a ‘rock & a hard place’, it seems an extremely odd way to suicide(?) by suffocating/starving/dying of thirst to oneself………..
        Did he take tablets firstly?
        Is there going to be an Inquest?

        Way,way too many unanswered questions………….& then some!

  2. What a sad sad story with help so close and no luck at all for Daniel or his family rest peacefully

  3. What a sad sad story with help so close and no luck at all for Daniel or his family rest peacefully

  4. So very sad for the family, a horrible thing to happen. At least they can now put him to rest.

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