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If your linen is needs a refresh, there’s a way to avoid washing them time and time again. The following linen spray is so easy to make but will help to rid bad smells from your linen cupboard and the linen on your bed.

What you need: 


  1. Pour the water and vodka into a small spray bottle.
  2. Add 30 or so drops of your favourite essential oils to the spray bottle. Lavender is commonly used on linens.
  3. Replace the cap and give the bottle a good shake to disperse the essential oils. Shake the bottle again before each use and then lightly mist sheets or spray into the air.

Note: Be careful to only use lightly coloured oils as some can have amber or green tones to them that can stain. 

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  1. Use a certified for human use oil and you could always have a nip prior to spraying. Lol.

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