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Former Prime Minister John Howard was rushed to hospital earlier this week with a heart complaint, and has since had heart surgery during which two stents were inserted.  According to ABC reports, Mr Howard is resting at home after receiving treatment in Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital.

The 75-year-old was playing golf on Monday when he experienced a tightness in the chest and went to Royal North Shore Hospital’s Emergency Department the reports say.

He was then transferred to North Shore Private where he had two stents inserted.

Spokesmen for Mr Howard say in both the ABC and Fairfax media that he was discharged on Friday afternoon and would be expected to be returning to work in his office next week, although unable to exert with golf or other sports for a month or more.

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  1. Who cares!

    2 REPLY
    • I think your comment is not called for. No doubt his family and friends do care.

    • Shame on some of you. Not very nice people. What happened to the Aussie spirit

  2. did not know he had one

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  3. Definitely not my favourite pm but still do not wish him ill, get well soon

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    • I was wondering how to express this – but you have nailed it. Libby. His wife and kids have a right to a healthy husband and father.

  4. I find it totally amazing that someone as fit as Mr Howard could have a heart problem.Get well soon Sir .This is a man who I have a lot of Respect for.Best Wishes Mr Howard.

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