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As women, we like to know it all. And for the most part, we do! But there is one thing that often has us stumped. It is something not so significant, but we always have the question looming over our heads when we step out of the house. So today, we’re here to help you solve this dilemma… Here are the right necklaces for the right necklines!


Scoop neck and… shorter, bold pendants!


Metallic Tee

Sizes: 8-18

Price: $79.95

Available here


Metallic floating necklace

Price: $10.00

Available here



Square neck and… angular pendants!


Square neck floral top

Sizes: 10-18

Price: $15.00

Available here


Pave enamel fan necklace

Price: $14.95

Available here 


Turtle neck and… long pendants!


Capture merino roll neck

Size: M-3XL

Price: $29.00

Available here


Angelique vintage filigree motif necklace

Price: $39.95

Available here


V neck and… V shaped pendants!


Tropical leaf print top

Size: 8-16

Price: $25.00

Available here


Textured glamour necklace

Size: $14.95

Available here


Boat neck and… long beads!


Mono print boatneck top

Sizes: 10-20

Price: $15.00

Available here


Gregory Ladner crystal beaded necklace

Price: $29.95

Available here


Button down or collared neck and… Single high pendants!


Sleeveless pleat front shirt

Sizes: 16-24

Price: $41.99

Available here


Double loop on bar necklace

Price: $12.95

Available here


Cowl neck and… feature earrings!


Grace Hill Cowl Neck

Sizes: 8-20

Price: $55.00

Available here


Crystal drop earrings

Price: $12.95

Available here


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  1. I’ve been slowly giving my good stuff away to my daughter. She will hand it down to her daughter one day.

  2. I had all my jewellery stolen when some low life broke in on Mother’s Day this year… most of it was given to me from my late husband and would have been left to my daughters… Luckily I was wearing my wedding and engagement rings and a treasured dress ring…
    I have not bothered with any jewellery since then.

  3. Seriously? That’s one of the biggest’ questions people ask themselves? OMG – get a life!

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