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Grocery shopping is a necessary evil and often leads to long stints in aisles, wondering where that jar is or where they’ve moved the bread. It can sometimes take more than an hour to just navigate through the store, so what if you could get in and out in half the time, with the click of a button?

Woolworths have just announced their new app to coincide with the release of the Apple Watch, however you don’t need the wrist device to use it – you just need a smart phone.


The Woolies Shop app has been created to help shoppers navigate around any of the Woolworths chains across Australia.

It also shows customers information on their chosen product and locates the nearest store in order to make the shopping experience swift.

The app solves the problem of visiting an unfamiliar Woolworths store and not knowing where anything is. All you need to do is enter in what product you’re having trouble locating and it will give you the aisle number and shelf.

Opening hours and walking and driving distance are also displayed on the app.


“Shopping lists created in the Woolies Shop app can also be accessed via the Apple Watch app. Lists are sorted by aisle order so customers can navigate the store like a pro and find everything they need quickly and easily”, Woolworths said.

“Items can be checked off as soon as they’re found so nothing is forgotten.

Woolworths digital marketing manager Katrina Colpo told Daily Mail, “We’re excited to be one of the first apps available for the new Apple Watch.

“The app has been months in the planning and we’ve been working with a team of very talented designers and developers from Bilue and Neoteny to create this exciting tool”.

The Woolies Shop App is available on iTunes for free here.

Tell us, would you use this app whilst shopping? Is it time we had more technology in supermarkets?


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  1. Aldi have the same thing, and I would there before I would go to Woolies.

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    • Yes, Sandra, I do Aldi’s first, actually – I really like their fruit and veges and meat – and the basic things. But Woolies has the “special” things which I like to use to cook and which are more expensive I admit – but I really like the choices I have there. I probably spend more in Aldi actually for the basics, but get the bits and pieces that make my meals special from Woolies. And I love wandering around it too, lol.

  2. I get Woolies catalogue on my computer every Wednesday morning – and it has all the specials for the week. I also have one of those sheets with all the products on it, and the aisle number where it is. Between those two I do really well, I barely need to look for anything now, since I know where the main things I want are, and I go with a list, and buy NOTHING that isn’t on it. I’m almost 60 kms from Town, so only shop once a fortnight – unless there’s a particularly good special for the Deli or freezer or dog biscuits the next week when I don’t shop, and I’ll go in then just for those and meet a friend for lunch or coffee. I thoroughly enjoy shopping, and always have, and cooking is my relaxation and my hobby and my delight – so I have my time pretty well worked out ! ! ! Leah.

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    • Don’t say that too loud Leah! Supermarkets are renowned for changing things around so that customers don’t become too comfortable – they want you going up different aisles so that you might buy a spur of the moment purchase.

  3. I already use the Woolworths app and find it very useful. I make my list from the catalogue specials and anything else that I need, then just change the store to whichever one I am shopping at (one of 3) and no more searching for items because of different store layouts

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