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This week Melanie wrote to Starts at Sixty, looking for some community advice:

“Would love to know what airlines over 60s prefer to travel with. We have booked with Qantas, business class for our next trip and are a bit worried. We went with Singapore Airlines to Europe in April, loved them but couldn’t use them for our trip to China next year!”

Can you help Melanie? What airline do you prefer to travel with overseas? What are your experiences with Qantas? Share your answers in the comments below

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  1. Have just done a trip to Europe with Qantas business class. Couldn’t fault them. Great trip. Why would you be worried? Free chauffeur car to and from airport, great meals. lounges free, priority boarding and luggage collection, and they’re Australian.

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    • Free chauffeur car, free lounges, great meals you paid dearly for everything you got, nothing was for free, I can assure you.

    • No, I didn’t pay dearly. I merely waited for a good special, when they have business class fares for just over 1/2 price and paid for that extra with my frequent flyer points – mostly accrued with shopping. Worth every cent, esp when you travel alone. And yes, you only get what you pay for.

  2. Use Qantas in Australia. Have used Emirates and Singapore overseas and am going Etihad this time. My Sister-in -law has a travel agency so she books me and so far they have all been good.

  3. I don’t travel business class and have found my experience varies not so much between airlines but the type of plane on the route. Our best and also worst experiences were with Singapore Airlines all due to seating space on long haul flights. We have a mixture of companies as we travel on this trip. Qantas, Air Canada, Icelandic Air, Turkish Airlines and finally Emirates. Some like AirCanada aren’t bad internationally but not so good on domestic routes.

  4. We are booked with Finnair. Flew to Europe with them last year and were very happy. We fly Qantas to HongKong first and return from HK also with Qantas. Travel business.

  5. British Airways is good, but my favourite airline is Singapore Airlines. Thai Airlines are also good. I have not flown Qantas overseas. but would never fly Garuda or KLM again.

  6. I flew to Paris via Korea, to Incheon airport with an over night stay at Hyatt hotel included in fare price with Korean Air, best service ever, would fly with them again.

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