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I am lucky enough to have a beautiful poinciana tree right outside my kitchen window in my neighbour’s yard. Firstly, I get to enjoy the magnificent Christmas decoration it becomes in December, and secondly, I get to completely ignore the mess it drops. But looking at it today made me want to share with you the other beautiful poinciana trees across Australia and New Zealand that are trending on social media… take a look at these and post your own.

Merry Christmas. You can enjoy some of the early blooming trees by visiting an earlier article we did a few weeks ago here

In beautiful Wynnum, in Queensland


We’re loving this table decoration… In fact I might ask my neighbour for a few sprigs!

Lil outback Christmas fengshui ❤️🌿 ~ Next stop 🇲🇨 #Poinciana#christmas#Wreath

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Again, Brisbane… beautiful

#poinciana in full bloom 🌳

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Magnificent #poinciana

A photo posted by Teresa 🔮 (@teresalee__) on

#Newstead #placetobe #surroundedbybeauty #poinciana #summerdays #holydayofrealestate #makedreamshappen

A photo posted by Brett Greensill (@bgreensill) on

#poinciana #wellingtonpoint #myarea

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  1. We call it Pohutakawa over here.

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    • Pohutakawa is a lovely tree but the only similarity is that they both flower in Summer. The poinciana drops its fern like leaves before the orchid like flowers cover its umbrella shape. It grows in the tropics.

  2. I loved looking at these photos and thank you every one that took the time to share them with us. Just stunningly beautiful trees to have near you, I’m envious.

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