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The Swedish dictionary is set to formally incorporate the pronoun hen alongside hon (she) and han (he) to describe a person who is either transgender or does not associate themselves with a gender. The question is, is Australia set to follow this trend? What word would we use?

Although hen has been widely used since 1960s, its official addition to the Swedish dictionary reflects the national support for the equality culture and movement that has been prevalent in Sweden for 50 years. While this milestone is particularly significant for young transgender and gender-neutral Swedes, it has also been described as a significant achievement for international equality.

Chairperson of the Swedish School in Sydney Australia, Maria Nordstrom, does not believe that Australia will incorporate such a gender neutral pronoun just yet. Nordstrom stated that although some areas of Australia would be positively receptive to such a change, there would likely be a lot of opposition. Maria also added that in general, Australia has a long way to go in terms of gender equality.


So lets talk tonight: Do you agree with Maria Nordstrom? Is Australia far from incorporating a gender neutral pronoun to the vocabulary? Would you support such a change?  Share your thoughts below.



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  1. As a transgender person who has battled my whole life to express my feelings as I am without hiding it, I feel that those whole equality thing is long, long overdue. I have contributed to society, fathered 2 beautiful human beings, have 4 grandchildren and brought up another man’s two children, nothing anyone else wouldn’t do, so I believe that makes me entitled to be treated equally regardless of my gender identity. I notice most posts are from women, who support this, interesting.

  2. A no Brainer! Yes! “It” said about another human being immediately dehumanises them, and on a personal level it is very hurtful.

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