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If you’re anything like me, you have a wardrobe full of clothes, a house full of stuff, and don’t even get me started on my shoes. And you don’t have to be a hoarder or someone who splashes out on lots of clothing and knick knacks to have a heap of things in your house. But how can you learn to downsize your wardrobe to just 33 items for 3 months? Well, there’s a little project swirling around called Project 333.

The idea of the project is to take stock of your life and focus on the more important things – rather than what you have and what you wear. This is a great idea for fashion lovers who have a bit of a shopping habit, but also for those who have a bunch of things they have been meaning to give away but haven’t had motivation!

So how does Project 333 work?

Basically, every three months, you select 33 items to wear including clothing, accessories, jewellery and shoes. Of course, your underwear, pyjamas and wedding ring are not included in the count. You simply choose your items and then sort through the rest of your clothing and items. Bin it, donate it, sell it or keep it. The things you keep can be placed in a sealed box, but left untouched for 3 months. After this time, consider what you still don’t need and cull once more.

For those downsizing or doing this for the first time, here’s some tips:

  • Make an ‘I love’ pile and start there
  • Think about signature/timeless pieces that will work with everything
  • Don’t suffer through the project – throw out and replace anything that doesn’t last the three months
  • People probably won’t realise you’re wearing the same thing every day but you will get more compliments!
  • Throw out, sell or donate anything that doesn’t fit you any more, a dress you’ve worn once, clothes with holes, shoes that don’t fit/are falling apart, ill-fitting bras, anything with a stain that doesn’t come out

If you need inspiration, Project 333 has a website and Facebook page.


Tell us, would you give this unique idea a go? How often do you do a wardrobe cull? 

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  1. I do not throw out clothes I wear them even if it is ten years between wears if I have an unexpected event I use old loved hardly worn outfits and no one else is in the same as me!

  2. No problem. Try living in a caravan for a couple of years. No extra room in there.

    1 REPLY
    • When I was first married we lived in a 17 ft caravan as we were going to do the grey nomad thing but in reverse. Any way by the time 2 babies came along we moved into a house. What a difference, we had this huge house to fill and I remember we emptied the caravan in about an hour. I don’t even want to think about moving as now we have so much stuff.

  3. An interesting article. Most of us have far too much stuff! I am not a hoarder but I do have a lot of stuff. Just had a big clear out for a local community garage sale to get rid of a bit. This morning I sorted out seven pairs of pants in good condition for the charity shop as I am losing a bit of weight and they are too loose on me now. Oh boy, room in my cupboard to buy more! 😉 Well, maybe I will wait for the 3 months and see how I go with what is left.

  4. An interesting idea! I might give it a go (but store the items just in case).

    This year I decided not to buy any new things to wear and so far I have stuck with it. We don’t need so much stuff.

  5. Well, makes you think doesn’t it about all the stuff we have and don’t use.
    At the moment I’m on a year’s experience of not buying anything new. (obviously not underwear) so far so good. I’m becoming a great op shop shopper and either look for good quality clothes or remake something to wear.
    I personally don’t think I could cull my clothes to only a few pieces but at least this way I am doing something good for charities, as well as I enjoy the hint for treasure.

  6. Took a load of clothes, shoes and bags to op shop just a few weeks back. I hate clothes being packed so tightly in the wardrobe that they are badly wrinkled.

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