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Princess; noun

the daughter of a monarch.

  • a close female relative of a monarch, especially a granddaughter.
  • the wife or widow of a prince.

At last check, I was not the Queen of England, and my granddaughter was not born in to royal blood. So why then would I call her a princess?

I abhor “princess” for a few reasons. One of them is that I’ve never liked the term myself, even when I was a child. If a stranger or even family member said ‘Hello, little princess’ or suggested in any way I should be treated like one, I would get quite irate. Perhaps it stems from my mother who always believed a woman should be judged only by her intelligence and kindness, and not by her ability to fit into that little princess girl mould.

But some women love saying they’re a princess, and while that’s fine for them, I’ve always believed a man should treat you equally to him and not be your servant, chauffeur or handbag. You give what you get in this world and being a princess is the last thing I’d want my granddaughter to be.

You know the sort of girl I’m talking about: precocious, demanding, expensive.

I should clarify as well – I don’t mind my granddaughter dressing up as a princess, because that’s a costume. But wearing clothing that says ‘Mummy’s little princess’ or the God-awful ‘Diva’ is sending a bad message, in my eyes. Do we want little girls who grow up to demand respect because they’ve earned it, or because they’re a “diva” and they deserve it?

Disguise it whatever way you want… diva, princess, sassy, goddess – they do not carry good connotations and serve only to make someone think of you as spoiled. And a spoiled brat is what I think of when I see little princesses, or big ones for that matter.

And princess movies with the stereotypical damsel-in-distress who can’t do anything for herself and needs saving just perpetuates the idea that a woman is useless and a man needs to be on her beck and call.

I want my granddaughter to accumulate life skills on her own, and to stand tall without a man (or woman). I wonder how many others agree with me?


Tell us, do you call your granddaughter “princess”? Why or why not? Do you agree with the writer?

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  1. I think you need to wake up to yourself, there are far worse things in life than a little girl being called Princess.

  2. All little girls are princesses, it is such a beautiful time in life, instead of worrying about small things, just enjoy it

  3. To a loving parent or grandparent, little girls should be treated like a princess. Get over it, it’s an endearing description.

  4. Well, I for one, totally agree with the writer and the sentiments she has so beautifully articulated. 🙂

  5. I agree with others here, “princess” is often a term of endearment, and both my granddaughters are my little princesses too. It’s not meant to be literal, for heavens sake.

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    • some people need to get a life & stop taking things so literary its just a word for god’s sake

    • My 17 yr old Granddaughter still love being called my Princess from time to time. I even spoke to her about it and according to her it makes her feel extra special and close to me.

    • i just sent my granddaughter a letter, at the end I called her a princess I said I will always love her and she will always be OUR princess, I guess what a mean is that she always be very special to me — she plays soccer is rep, she mountain bikes and amazing climber. I’m her nana and when i think of her, I think of how she sparkles in my eyes, I think of her with softness and gentleness I think of how little she is in the big world, and she will make her mark I am sure….. I guess I know a bit of the big world she will walk into, some of the challenges, I want her to know ……and I’m sure more than the word its about what she senses from me when i say it…….to the nana who wrote this , Im sure you feel the same really, we may not be the queen either but Im sure for our grandchildren we are even more important than a queen. And for sure if princess is not the word to use for you you will have another.

    • I suspect that the writer posted this in order to initiate the conversation exactly as it’s progressing.

  6. I must admit, I’ve never called my granddaughter princess, because to me it would be demeaning and so unsuitable. My favourite term is gorgeous girl, because she is not only beautiful but loving and thoughtful as well.

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    • Oh for goodness sake where is this going to end we soon wont be able to do or say anything!!!!

    • Julie you’d better stop calling them gorgeous girl. According to an article (I think it was in starts at 60) by telling them they are pretty or in your case gorgeous you are setting them up for weight problems, bulimia, annorexia …. for believing that looks are all that counts. (the previous comment is tongue in cheek) Seriously though Princess, pretty, gorgeous are just words used to express affection.

    • Dictionary meaning for gorgeous is “strikingly beautiful or attractive” or informal “very pleasant”. She is exactly that in my eyes. Plus I’ve always liked using alliteration. No, I’ll stick with it. She knows where I’m coming from.

  7. I have just seen a school assembly singing Katie Perry’s Fireworks. I think I will call my grandkids ” My little firework!” from now on. I always try to avoid calling my female grandchildren any term that emphasises physical beauty for a similar reason ie the world places too much emphasis on women’s beauty. This once the child reaches the age of reading and watching TV etc.

  8. My husband calls me princess, it’s a lovely endearment. One of my grandaughters is 5 she says we are princesses because we are daughters of King Jesus

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