Do you remember the day you found out you were going to be a grandparent? 1



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Being a grandparent is one of the most exciting and important things that can happen to a person.

After spending years lovingly raising your own children, it’s wonderful to be able to see them take the same journey and to watch it from a whole new perspective.

Many people remember the exact day and time they found out they were going to become a grandparent and the reactions are always different.

Some people recall bursting into tears when they were told the happy news by their children, unable to control their emotions in the moment.

Others say they literally jumped for joy and couldn’t wipe the smile off their face for days.

There are those who are surprised, those who are shocked, and those who are relieved after years of watching their children try to start a family of their own.

Some children choose to surprise their parents with a quirky announcement by writing it in a poem or springing an ultrasound on them and capturing it on video.

Whatever the case it’s always a memorable moment and one to treasure for a lifetime.

Do you remember the day you found out you were going to become a grandparent? What was your reaction?

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  1. My son Facetimed us and held up an ultrasound. He thought seeing I was a Midwife I would notice it was a pregnancy U/S but we had completely convinced ourselves that they were never going to have children as they had been together 17 years with no sign or talk of having a baby!! And he’d been having trouble with his hip so I thought he was going to tell me something about his hip. I wasn’t really focusing on the U/S. When he told me to have another look I realised what it was. Well I just screamed with excitement running around the house letting my husband and other son know. This is a bit long winded but we were so excited at the time. Our beautiful grandson is 13 months old now and I just love looking after him.

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