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Christie Brinkley has lived a life quite different to most of ours. But her words on ageism in an interview with Daily Life this week are likely to resonate with every baby boomer around.

The 61 year old is a model. Not a former model, not an ex-model. She is a model and is still modelling today. She celebrated her 61st Birthday by appearing in a turquoise swimsuit on the cover of American People magazine. She admits openly and honestly that yes, she receives help in the form of hidden bras, hair extensions and flattering lighting but she’s proud she’s still able to do what she loves.

In the interview when asked about the changes within the modelling industry she said, “Right now, I think we’re seeing the opening up of the last frontier, which is ageism.”

“They always said the baby boomers would change the numbers, instead of allowing the numbers to dictate to them. I think we’re the first generation that literally is saying, ‘A number doesn’t define us any more.’ And we’re not just going to …” she pauses to smile and drop into a “scary” voice, “fade to grey.”

Do you feel like the baby boomer generation more than any others has kicked the age stereotype bucket? Do you see baby boomers doing things that break the mould every single day? Do you feel like you’ve achieved more in your life – so far – because you’re a baby boomer who isn’t going to let age define you? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. I love Christie. She has always had class. She is right though. I’m not taking aging lying down. I feel better and better daily. Now to find my Christian!! 😉

  2. Well it & loving it. Losing many friends too soon, l grab each day..CARPE DIEM….everything in moderation…use it or lose it. Works for me.

  3. I am certainly not going to let age define me. And am fortunate to have good health, have looked after myself and done a heap of psychological work too. Love a few wines each day, train at the gym 5 times a week and believe for me that I have 2 ways to go, give in and go down the slippery slope or get the sassy sexy lady out there often. Find mindset and younger thinking friends so important. I have a few friends my age, 64, they are lovely but have slowed up in their thinking, body and mind too. Not for me. !!

  4. Yes I do think our generation is changing how the world looks at seniors but I don’t think seniors in the past had a real chance. Lack of good food, no good health care, dentists whipping entire mouthfuls of teeth out at once (UK), depression and health problems from the wars, no money for nice clothes, exhaustion from domestic drudgery with no helpful appliances. No I’m not gloating over it, wasn’t a bundle of laughs for seniors before we came along.

  5. Yes I do! Many of us “Baby Boomers” dress fahionably, care about our diet, keep fit and healthy, converse easily with young and old alike, and keep ourselves busy with a variety of Community and Personal activities.

  6. If Christie is so confident about aging why does she need hair extensions, hidden bras etc to model? Why not just be herself and then talk about aging In its natural form, without all the added lighting? Anyone can have hair extensions, hidden bras and extra lighting, but we don’t wake up in the morning like that, now that’s natural!

  7. We booomers are more fortunate than th egeneration before – we saw amd made great changes and we do not act or give in to the age thing at all. Many are stil very active and stay younger because of this. It how one feels inside that matters.

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