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If you want healthy plants and plentiful harvests, rotating your crops is a concept worth considering. The good news is that while the idea sounds like a lot of work, it actually isn’t.

There is also no limit to the size of your garden when it comes to rotating your crops, as it can work in any space.

Here are six reasons why you should rotate your vege patch.

1. You’ll avoid soil pests

Rotating your plot helps avoid soil-borne pests and diseases that are specific to particular families of vegetables. If you are growing brassicas, onions, or potatoes you risk clubroot, white rot and nematodes respectively. By rotating the plot you are removing the host plant, which in turn interrupts the life cycle of the pest.

2. You’ll maintain soil fertility

Soil fertility can only be partially restored by fertiliser and compost alone, as different vegetables have various micronutrient requirements, especially phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. By alternative the crops you are allowing your soil to recover.

3. You’ll balance the soil microbes

Soil microbes seesaw when influenced by different crops and affect growth in a variety of ways, including the nutrient take-up and boosting natural resistance to pests and diseases.

4.You’ll improve soil structure

If you alternate deep-rooted crops and shallow-rooted ones it will help maintain soil structure.

5. You’ll reduce weeds

You can alternate weed-smothering crops, like potatoes, with those that are trickier to weed, like salad vegetables and carrots.

6. You’ll find caring for your garden easier

Care and preparation of your garden are made simpler because you can group your crops together according to cultivation needs.

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