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Are you a knitting whiz? Knitting can be so relaxing and rewarding.

Creating beautiful clothes and items is a fun past time, but are you being as efficient as you could be?

We’ve got a list of 11 of the best knitting tips ever and we reckon there might be some clever tricks in here that you didn’t know!

1. Wine corks work well as point protectors on your big needles

2. Either purchase glow-in-the-dark needles or paint your own with special paint so you can knit in the dark.

3. Use a teapot to hold your yarn.

Or use a teapot.

4. Make pom poms with a fork!

Forks are also great for making tiny pom-poms.

5. Make crochet hooks more comfortable to use with pencil grips

Make crochet hooks more comfortable to use with pencil grips.

Learn to wind a center-pull ball by hand.

7. When using acrylic wool you need to knit one size smaller because it stretches.

8. Go to op shops – they often have a selection of wool and yarn.

9. All done knitting that hat or beanie and wondering how to block it? You can avoid creases by letting it dry around a blown-up party balloon.

10. Store your patterns in ‘the cloud’ aka Dropbox or another cloud storage website. That way you can access them from anywhere!

11. Download a row counting app – there’s so many out there!

Do you have any other knitting hacks to share?

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  1. Almost made me not want to read the tips. However, none of them needed as I have all those scenarios covered.
    Also, I have learnt in more than 12 years of having a craft shop that so many people don’t know the difference between knitting and crochet or that one uses needles (except that US patterns say pins) the other hooks. My work in education is never done!

  2. I think it’s a pity that knitting is no longer taught in primary school. I learned in school when I was about 6 or 7. I remember getting frustrated when learning and my mother saying, ” Elda, you can’t expect to be able to do it straight away” 🙂

    2 REPLY
    • Wool is so expensive now. I crochet but with acrylic wool but only crochet blankets for the hospital a lot cheaper than wool

    • My mum taught me when I was about 5. She had trouble teaching my sister as she is left handed. Gave up and my sister learnt to knit her own way.

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