Dick Smith’s massive gift for Aussie farmers

Dick Smith has made a record $1 million donation to Aussie Helpers, the national charity that assists farmers in staying on

Dick Smith has made a record $1 million donation to Aussie Helpers, the national charity that assists farmers in staying on the land. Now the businessman and philanthropist is calling for others to follow his lead.

“I encourage all Australians to dig deep this Christmas and give to Aussie Helpers – its the best present you can give”, Mr Smith said. The $1 million cheque is the largest donation that Dick Smith Foods has ever made to charity.

The founder of Aussie Helpers, Mr Brian Egan, was in awe of such generosity. “I am still shaking. I’ve never held a million-dollar cheque before. This amount will change people’s lives for sure”, Mr Egan said.

Aussie Helpers is run by volunteers who assist more than 1,000 farming families, currently facing another Christmas in drought. Volunteers travel throughout regional Australia offering support and donated goods, such as groceries, stockfeed and fuel vouchers.

Dick Smith’s beautiful Christmas gifts comes as another group, Outdoor Enthusiasts Drought Relief Appeal, drove a convoy delivering festive cheer to farmers in need. Over 65 utes and trucks were organised to deliver hay bales, horse feed and Christmas presents to regional families throughout Queensland.  

How do you support people in need at Christmas time?


  1. Libbi Elliot

    That is a wonderful thing Dick Smith is doing and I am sure Aussie farmers and their families will appreciate it, if every Australian just donated $1.00 that would be $24 million to help them out

    • Wendy Coman

      Apart from giving what we can afford personally to struggling farmers, every time we shop, BUY Australian grown produce and tinned and frozen Aussie produce.

    • Wendy Coman

      Even if the foods are a little dearer, a 30, 40 or 50 cents, consider this own ongoing donation to farmers.

  2. Judith Forbes

    So many more Aussie named people could do this exact thing and support our farmers in time of need.

  3. Zeph Anja

    Money I have none. Yet I’ve been donating something to our farmers who are struggling from drought. I donated Prayers that may God send them some rain. It’s heartbreaking to see how the dryness of the land plaguing them especially the livestock thay roam free in the paddock searching for waterholes. It grips my heart to see them skin and bones.

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