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The more we clutter up our houses, the more cluttered our minds are, the less exercise we do and the less healthy we become. Clutter also saps our energy and the great irony of this is that you won’t get the energy unless you do clean up.

There is also a metaphysical reason to constantly simplify and get rid of clutter in our life. Importantly it helps remove subconscious resistance; creates a vacuum and activates the law of attraction so we can manifest everything we want, including our health.

 Because your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in the house, start here first.

Get four large boxes

* Box 1 is for things you don’t want but no one else would want either – these go to the rubbish bin

* Box 2 is for things that are still in good condition but that you no longer want – these go to charity

* Box 3 is for things that need repair

* Box 4 is for things that need laundering

Now systematically go through everything in your bedroom, right down to the mattress on the bed, selecting what stays and what goes into one of the boxes.

Hang all the clothes with the hanger hooked on the rail facing one way. When you next wear an article, turn the coat hanger the other way. This will show you clearly which clothes to keep and which ones to get rid of.

If you recognised that you can’t throw something out that you don’t wear, then you are keeping it for an emotional reason and not because you might wear it.

Let’s say you go through your wardrobe and your immediate reaction is to throw something out. Then you think: ‘I really should keep this, it cost so much’ and so you put it back in the cupboard. Chances are you will never wear it.

 This indicates that you have a money issue or a blockage in your subconscious mind that you need to release by doing the following exercise:

» Close your eyes
» With the fingers of both hands, tap the middle of the top of your head.

State the following:

‘Even though I cannot throw this (name the item) out because it (was expensive, is too good, might come back into fashion, I can’t fit into it but will, I might need it one day) I accept myself completely and deeply’.

You may have to do this many times as thoughts, feelings, and emotions come to your notice, for example,

‘Even though I cannot throw this out because it belonged to (Mum, Dad, favourite relative, friend) I accept myself deeply and completely.’

‘Even though I feel guilty throwing this out, I accept myself completely and deeply.’

Do not skimp on this exercise – it is more important than it looks at first glance – you are not just cleaning out your cupboard, you are clearing out the negative emotions that are your subconscious resistance to having everything you wish for, including your perfect health.

If after doing the exercises on one article you are still uncomfortable throwing it out, put it back in the cupboard with the hanger facing the right way, knowing it is safe there. Now move along to something else.

Once you have gone through your bedroom, do not start on another room until you have done the following: 

» Take Box 1 to the garbage bin immediately
» Drive to the charity bin to drop off Box 2 immediately

» Mend the items in Box 3
» Launder the items in Box 4

Once you have finished that room and thrown out the boxes and laundered and mended the clothes, you can move on to the next room in the house, and so on.

Do not hurry. This is not a speed competition. Your health is important, and it is worth taking the time to make the effort to do it properly.

Do not underestimate the power of this exercise – it will make an incredible difference to you. Just listen to your first, immediate response when you pick up an item; that response will tell you whether the article enhances your life (it immediately feels right to keep it) or if it has a hidden resistance attached to it (you feel you should keep it).

Apply this exercise to every drawer in every room of your home, office,  car, and even relationships with your friends and family.

This de-cluttering exercise is important and can be repeated the first week of each month. Don’t worry; it not only gets easier, but you may surprise yourself by actually looking forward to it.

When was the last time you decluttered your home? What did you donate or give away? What did you keep?

Margaret Cutler

After 36 years of working with the awesome power of the subconscious mind to help individual people successfully overcome everything from business problems to illnesses, Margaret Cutler has opened Top5percent - Subconscious Mind Transformation Workshops, teaching you how to use your subconscious mind to make sure you have the life you want. Nominated Citizen of Australia for her work with the mind , Margaret has been listed in Who's Who of Australian Authors since 1986

  1. Talk about the right message on the right day. It is 11.32am and my husband has gone away for a long weekend and I promised myself that I’d de-clutter 39 years worth of stuff from our bedroom. I’m still sitting here. Haven’t made a start at all and then I read this. I’m off to give your advice a try. Wish me luck.

    4 REPLY
    • Vivienne Beddoe Ahhh Welll. Started off with great enthusiasm Lots of action and piles building and placing of items in their correct place but….then I had to go out. I did call in and buy some “super greens” powder for my smoothie use as per another Start at 60 post today. Sadly. I didn’t pick up the baton after my errands we done and here I sit, typing away, stuff all over the bedroom, and knowing I’ve got to do some more sorting and placing before I can go to bed. The saga continues. Reprise tomorrow (I hope)

  2. Talk about coincidence..I tripped but not enough to fall, on something in my garden shed this morning..That made me re-arrange things and throw away items I might!!! repair one day.Now I have room to move and the chair is cleared and I can sit down to sort thro’ other boxes. As to clothes most of my blouses now are for summer wear and do not fit well under cardigans and jumpers…when summer gets here they will be sorted out…

  3. All of my clutter is “come in handies” and will be used by someone”

    If the anal ones don’t like it “jump on your bike” or actions similar to that.

    When I die a young fishing mate gets all of the “clutter” and it is worth a fortune.

    1 REPLY
  4. I had a good clean out 3 years ago and I am very diligent now about getting rid of stuff I no longer need. I think what inspired me was cleaning out my parents house. They lived there for 58 years and didn’t throw anything out. It took me 6 weeks every day. They even had our old toys in the ceiling. The place was a fire hazard.

  5. There is a difference between throwing away clutter and keeping your “clutter” neat and tidy.If you dont want to throw away things because it may be useful to you one day/someone else may find it useful/valuable etc etc then OK but if you cant find it in the clutter then at least tidy up and store it appropriately so that you can find it AND it makes the place look neater. I did. It makes me less stressed and I can find things very easily without throwing everything away…unless my partner puts it away, then it is lost forever…..

    1 REPLY
    • Kept ‘it’ for 40 years, then went on a de-cluttering rampage, needed it the next day! Couldn’t buy a new one……out of production!!!

  6. Someone told me they were having would the kids want it throw out works for me and now have thrown or op shopped much of the clutter husband is worse though he’s a might use that person so it goes in his shed.

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