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Trying to microwave more than one thing at a time is frustrating! Usually they both won’t fit and you have to microwave each meal separately. If you are eating leftovers with your significant other this results in one finishing their meal before the other has even started!

Well, here is a nifty trick that will cut your microwaving time in half and ensure that you and your loved ones can share a meal together.

All you need for this is your microwave, your two meals in bowls, and a mug.

  • Turn the mug upside down and place it onto the microwave plate.


  • Place your first meal in a bowl and on top of the mug


  • Place your other meal in a bowl and next to the mug


Both bowls should fit nicely in your microwave and the microwave plate should be free to turn as usual. It might be a good idea to do a two second test to make sure that it is moving correctly and the mug is sturdy before you pop it on for a few minutes.

Will you try this cleve trick? How do you save time in the kitchen?

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