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Customer service once was something that we prioritised highly – it was important and gave so many businesses survival skills. But in recent decades it seems to have disappeared and we’re not sure if the art of good customer service still exists.

Despite this, a recent study in Australia reveals that excellent customer service is consistent among a certain business category. Who do you reckon it is? Who earned five star ratings from customers more than any other category?

Tradies! Yes, that’s right, tradies have come out on top. Six trade business categories are included in the top ten list from the analysis conducted by TrueLocal. Electricians, painters, carpenters, handymen and plumbers rated extremely high by reviewers on their customer service experience. Topping the list was personal trainers – rated at five stars by 86 per cent of their reviewers! Other business categories that only achieved four-star ratings were industries like restaurants, cafes, bakeries and pubs.

I don’t know about you but my tradie experience is not nearly as great as it has been for some people. The last time I hired an electrician to install new ceiling fans, he got halfway through the job after three hours and left! Then when I called to ask when he’d be back he told me he couldn’t fit the rest of the job in for another three days. It was a bit of a surprise as I hadn’t been told it would take a few days and I certainly hadn’t expected to have the house in such a mess when I was expecting visitors the next day!

When most people think of customer service, their first thought is about the food and beverage industry but customer service is equally important throughout all industries. Do you think that customer service has been lost or does it still exist in some places?

Review websites nowadays are not only used to express satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the product but also encompass the entire customer service experience. Increasingly, people in Australia are not shy to to share their opinions on review sites for their peers and others in the community.

So tell us, do you think customer service still exists? What industries do you still see as having good customer service? 



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  1. o found yesterday every one harvey normans, k mart and all were so nice and probably being older they make the trouble more, dep[ends on how you treat them to, be nice to them and they will back to you smile helps so much

  2. Just today, I rang a plumber to ask him to fix my sink spout, which had come adrift, and more than once had sprayed water over the ceiling and myself.” Yep, sure thing” , he said, “but you can fix it yourself easily”. He explained, and off I went to my local BMS with a photo of the problem. Ex tradie at BMS told me to locate the screw on the side of said spout, ( I thought it was some sort of button, as it was covered with a black rubbery thing ).” If you can tighten that”, he said, “no problems.” I DO sound like a dumb female, I know, but armed with my trusty screw driver and a torch, I found the spot, and tightened the screw. Now I have no problem, due to two excellent guys, willing to share their knowledge!!! ( Still, I feel a bit silly 🙁 )

  3. not many places…New Zealznd could teach AUSTRALIA a great deal in this regard

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    • I think it is really rude to compare countries across the board like that. I get good service most places probably because I am polite and often make a joke. I think your attitude (and negative expectations) shows on your face before you even speak, so perhaps you get back what you give out. If you constantly get ho hum service, try being nice first.

  4. I find one’s own attitude goes a long way in determining how you are treated. We have been fortunate to find an excellent electrician and great plumber who come promptly, return calls and work hard. Today I was out to shop for a new fridge; my old one spat the dummy after many years, and I found the salesman very helpful and courteous. He gave me a good deal too. You do strike some indifferent and lazy people but I must say I hear many people in our age group be less than courteous to staff too.

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    • You are spot on PaM. I rarely have any trouble but I am always cheery. An older checkout lady in Woolies the other day told me the rudest customers are the oldies.

    • Indeed, Janet; I’ve found myself apologising for some rude person ahead of me in the checkout queue. I do have favourite checkout staff and try to get in their lines. My husband is spoilt by the waitresses in our favourite coffee sho p and they also make a fuss of the dog. I find generally that people smile and greet you and take it from there.

    • Yep, could not agree more. I nearly always get good customer service , smile, please and thank you nearly always do it

    • I agree Pam Milner, it depends on the individual’s attitude, I mostly have had good experiences with staff, some of the younger ones are very helpful. As for making a phone call and customer service goes, it is pretty well ‘dead in the water’ in a lot of instances …

    • I so agree Pam. You walk in with a smile and hello goes a long way to paving the way for how you will be treated. Reading some of the comments at various times on this page Makes me think these people have a chip on their shoulder right from the get go

  5. High wages means less staff !!!! Can’t have it both ways.

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    • Good service has nothing to do with wages. Either a sales person cares about giving good service to the customer or he/she doesn’t.

    • Attitude towards customers has a lot to do with staff professional well being. If they are overworked due to lack of staff (due to high wages )they are sour towards customers. Ask them!!!!

    • Has nothing to do with doing job right and giving customer service. Don,t like job don,t take it out on those who pay your wage….THE CUSTOMER.

  6. Umm no certainly does not exist. Had that experience today three phone calls some three hours later buck being passed to others and nothing resolved. People just do not use logic and work at a snail pace They have all the technology in front on them but things have just gone backwards and they call that progression. I do not think so. Get us over sixty on your books and we will show them how to run a business and give great customer service and resolve issues immediately just like the good old days.

  7. I haven’t had any experience with online service – don’t use it. However, living in a not-so-large country town I find good service is just about everywhere – maybe this is because in small country towna, everybody knows everybody else and bad service would probably chase somebody out of town.

  8. Must say the pharmacist in pt elliot sa has best customer service ever, and also the guys at discount carpet, victor harbor, fantastic service from both these places

  9. The places where I find service completely missing are the big department stores. Just no one around any more. If they are, they are busy being busy and can hardly look up if asked a question. I interact very well with people and always treat them with pleasant respect, so that’s not the problem. It’s just so strange to have to go hunting for a salesperson.

  10. Beautiful girl has been running our local florist for 15 years. Will do anything you ask for. Always so cheerful and helpful. Small business doing great… because she cares!!

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