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Are you over 60? I’m over 70. Many people my age think that their most creative years are behind them. I hear them say things like, “I’ve had a good life”. They have bought into the idea that as they age, they should begin letting go of things and making their lives smaller.

What if everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be? What if ageing doesn’t have to be everything you’ve decided it is? Or everything the media tells you it is? Or everything your friends and family tell you it’s going to be? What if being on the planet for a long time meant you actually got to create and generate more and more all the time?

Your point of view creates your reality. If you believe that you have to decline with age, and that you won’t have the mental acuity or energy to do what you used to do, you’re right. You will actually create that.

What’s your life like right now? Are you enjoying it? Or does it feel like more ought to be possible? What if it’s only the way it is because of the choices you have made? What if it could change with ease?

If you continue living the way you are living now, what will your life be like in five years? In ten years? Is that enough for you? What if you started every day by asking: “Who am I today? What grand and glorious adventures am I going to have?”

I live my life from this question: “What else is possible that I haven’t considered?” My life is never boring. It is always changing and expanding. I am always creating. What would you like to create?

What talents, abilities, and capacities have you not yet tapped into? What else might be possible for your life that you have not yet chosen? What if you began to explore what brings you joy? What if that made you (and your body) feel more alive?

I am over 70 (I won’t say how much over 70 I am). I take no medications or supplements. I ride stallions, I dance the tango, I run several businesses, I travel around the world all year long, and I work pretty much all the time. I am home only a few days out of each month. People that I went to school with ask me, “Aren’t you exhausted? Why do you work so much?” I enjoy what I do. I do whatever I choose to do. I don’t do what I don’t want to do. I out-create myself everyday.

When I founded Access Consciousness over 25 years ago, I knew that I wanted to travel the world, work with interesting people, and do something that was changing all the time, and that would never be boring. We are now in 131 countries. I travel to different cities around the world each week, facilitating seminars, doing private sessions, and giving people tools to change whatever is not working in their life. What if change could be easier than you thought?

What if you are only doing a fraction of what you are capable of? I have an antiques business in Australia called “The Antique Guild”. I love the elegance and decadence of beautiful antiques. I love the contribution that these things can be to our lives. When I started the business, people thought I was crazy. It’s now rated as the best antique shop in Brisbane. How does it get any better than that?

What else brings you joy? On various trips to Costa Rica, I was introduced to a very special breed of horses called the Costarricense De Paso. These are the stallions I ride. They naturally embody so much of what I always knew was possible with horses. I began bringing them to the United States and breeding them. Again, when I started, people thought I was crazy. Now people from United States and around the world get to experience the beauty of these amazing horses. What else is possible with these phenomenal creatures?

There was a time when I had young children and no extra money. Even then, I went to garage sales and bought things for less than what they were worth, and continuously looked for ways to create and have more in my life. What else could you add to your life?

One of the gifts of having lived a long time is that you might know a thing or two. What do you know? How many more income streams could you create and generate with what you know? What if you could start right now – from wherever you are? What else might be possible that you’ve never considered?


What’s your life like right now? Are you enjoying it? Or does it feel like more ought to be possible? Tell us below.

Gary Douglas

Gary Douglas is a speaker, prolific author and the Founder of Access Consciousness® ; a set of personal transformation tools, currently taught in 47 countries. A vibrant 70-year-old grandfather, Gary works twelve-hour days, rides spirited stallions for a hobby and openly proclaims that for him, “life is just beginning”. and

  1. Good morning Gary
    Well it was an inspiring article, I have a great life over 65yrs while not as worldly as yours I have traveled this great country we call Australia and parts of Europe. I am available to travel the world at anytime the draw back is finance, which I would presume most folks are in the same boat. On that note I will continue to live a happy life within my means. I would have liked to hear about family and friends in your lifestyle. Cheers Judith

  2. Thank you, Gary. It’s always nice to read positives!
    The par that starts “Your point of view…” says it all, really. I realise it’s less difficult for some to remain positive than for others so, like you, I do what I can to help others by positive application.
    I lost the love of my life in my seventies but not my love of life. I find the best therapy for me is to keep busy, especially as a volunteer. There are so many avenues in which people of advancing years (never old!) can become involved: community houses, child care centres, family care agencies, nursing homes, et al, there should hardly be a person of our age with ‘nothing to do.’
    As you so rightly show, it provides us, as volunteers, with wonderful therapy!
    Thanks again,

  3. Totally! I make my own life rules now & if I don’t like where they’re taking me I simply change them! I’ve never been happier or more FREE in my entire life. Turning 60 was a bigger milestone than 30, 40 OR 50 – and had I known how fabulous it would all be (if I chose it to be as such) I’d never have rushed through my life trying to achieve stuff in a hurry…there REALLY IS TIME…slow down and ENJOY the ride…

  4. The minute you start worrying how old you are – it’s all down hill. never worried about it am 66 now and my husband 68. Try to do what you want if you can afford it of course most of us have to watch what we spend as retirees. We came to Queensland 6 years ago (both our daughters and families live here) what an adventure that was selling our house and packing our stuff for Oz most of our friends thought we were mad and too old!!!!! We bought a house and sold it in July and moved in with our daughter to build our own house. No stoping us.

  5. Income streams to create! – life isn’t just about earning money – yes it helps, but what about us who volunteer or have hobbies just for the love of it?

  6. Since I changed my diet, going on a low carbohydrate diet, not only have I lost weight, I have now more energy at 62 than when I was 60

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