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Emails offering cheap wives, Viagra, Nigerian princes and fake Louis Vuitton handbags still proliferate but, believe it or not, they are at an all-time low.

Security firm Symantec reports that spam emails have fallen to their lowest numbers in 12 years (although they might want to take a look at my over-crowed inbox!).

Less than half the emails filtered by Symantec last month contained spam, which is the lowest figure since 2003.

Ben Nahorney, cyber security threat analyst for Symantec, says, “According to our metrics, the overall spam rate has dropped to 49.7 percent. ‘This is the first time this rate has fallen below 50 percent of email for over a decade. The last time Symantec recorded a similar spam rate was clear back in September of 2003”.

But it’s not all great news. As spam email goes the way of the VCR (please God!), there has been a sharp increase in more sophisticated web threats, such as malware, malicious programmes that are downloaded on to people’s computers without their knowledge in order to steal data and extort money.

Hackers use malicious programmes to build networks of computers they can take control of in order to do things such as send spam messages, or launch attacks aimed at crashing websites.

There were 57.6 million pieces of malware discovered during last month, up from 44.9 million in May and nearly double the 29 million uncovered in April.

‘This increase in activity lends more evidence to the idea that, with the continued drops in email-based malicious activity, attackers are simply moving to other areas of the threat landscape,” says Mr Nahorney.

Does spam drive you crazy? Would you be happy to see the back of it? 


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  1. I absolutely hate opening my email box because of all the stupid spam you have to trawl through to get to those important ones. It might be a handy tool but it’s the bane of my life!!

  2. Mine automatically goes into a spam file which I just delete every week. They are a nuisance but it only takes a few seconds of my time to press the dekete all button. Not worth stressing over.

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  3. Mine automatically goes into a spam file too, I just check to see if anything I should have in my inbox has gone astray, then delete the lot. I never open spam, some of it could hold a computer virus. If there is something in my inbox I do not recognise or feel suspicious of, I click ‘mark as spam’ and that gets rid of it. Every week we should clean out the delete and spam files, tidy up your inbox and sort out what is no longer needed….just like cleaning up the junk on your desk you no longer need.

  4. Of course we’d be pleased to see the end of it. Who wouldn’t?

    I’ve discovered a number of sites where the spam can be reported – they can track the sender and do whatever it is they do to find them. For example, I was being inundated by a series of people (including women!!) wanting to show me their bodies and do amazing things!! I reported them as harrassment and shortly after they stopped. Same with the Canadian company plugging viagra. I’ve got a list of the email addresses to report to if anybody’s interested.

  5. Damn, I’m going to miss out on all those distant relatives or just generous souls promising to send me millions of dollars. LOL

  6. Yes they are driving me crazy as I am just a learner at this game. The typing is bad enough without these rubbish non events!

  7. I have security and all spam in the spam box gets deleted ,don’t even look at it .

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