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Undeterred by being told off by Speaker Bronwyn Bishop yesterday, Clive Palmer is pushing ahead with his opinions on what this country needs.

And who knows? Maybe he’s onto something?

The multi-millionaire politician told Sunrise this morning he wants to see an end to career politicians, with a new two-term maximum brought in to ensure the country gets fresh ideas.

TWO TERM POLLIES! Clive Palmer is calling for an end to career politicians. Mr Palmer believes federal pollies should…

Posted by Sunrise on Monday, June 22, 2015

In the US, presidents are allowed to serve a maximum of three terms, however it seems Mr Palmer is suggesting all federal politicians be moved on after two.

Would this lead to fresh ideas or would we end up playing political ping-pong, with no long-term thinking at all (which many may argue is the case for our current political system anyway)?

Robert Menzies was Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister, holding the office twice, from 1939 to 1941 and from 1949 to 1966. Altogether he was Prime Minister for over 18 years – still the record term for an Australian Prime Minister.

In parliament yesterday, the head of the shrinking Palmer United Party asked the Prime Minister, “Is it okay that an Australian citizen could lose his citizenship because a government official lies or makes a mistake?”

Mrs Bishop ruled the question out of order because “it offends every standing order in the book”.

Tell us, do you think Clive Palmer’s idea of two-term politicians has merit? 

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  1. Three fixed four year terms for the lower house (maximum), they still need to elected. Two fixed 6 year terms for the senate. A truly independent speaker elected by the people with no party affiliations. And when we finally become a republic two fixed 6 year terms for the president. By the way I thought the U.S. President could only serve two terms but is that just two consecutive terms and she/he can be elected for a third at another time.

  2. I think for now Clive would be better concentrating on his failing Political career

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    • I’m sure Clive couldn’t care less about his political career. He donates his govt salary to charity. He doesn’t use a government vehicle. His costs to the taxpayer are next to nothing. Couldn’t say that about anybody else in politics.

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      • there was ONE other Federal politician from the 1980’s who declined similar perks like Cllive Palmer; he was the former Mayor of North Sydney – Ted Mack [Edward Carrington (Ted) Mack (born 20 December 1933) is an Australian politician. He is the only person ever to have been elected and re-elected as an independent to local, state, and federal government in Australia, and is often referred to as the “father of the independents”. wiki]

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        • .. and he – Ted Mack refused to serve more than two terms so he could avoid being paid a pension etc..

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          • Ted Mack should be recognised as Australias greatest politician.
            He only did good for the people.He drove his own car when in North Sydney and never gave the Council a bill.

  3. Are ha….does that also mean a ‘golden handshake’ pension…I smell a rat..

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