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We have all tried to clean lampshades with various dusters but most of the time it simply spreads the dust. Having to clean the inside and the outside of lampshade can also make this task difficult.

A lint roller can easily and quickly pick up dust as most lampshades are made of material! Its shape also allows it to clean both the inside and the outside of the lampshade.

Have you got any other cleaning tips?

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  1. Vacuuming with the small round brush attachment is easy and fast especially for pleated shades

  2. I used a firm kitchen brush to remove the dust and then a toothbrush with a spray- on bleach ( the lowest grade). After a fair bit of scrubbing, it was clean of specks. It was a white lampshade.

  3. I brushed mine to get rid of the dust then sprayed with lemon juice and gently rubbed it in – all clean. My shades were light coloured though.

  4. We were just talking about the old fashioned “feather” duster,and how you don’t see them anymore! I used to love doing the dusting for Mum with one of them,and then I caught her doing it all again with one of the old “golden orange” cloths.Hows that for a Mother’s love.She lovingly allowed me my pleasurable moment of dust spreading which is all the old feather dusters did.

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