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Can you guess what this product is?

Its creation involved rocket science, it was made in 1953 for the aerospace industry and is now a common household good….

The answer is WD-40 and while it has a million uses we are focusing on the one we didn’t know: it can remove stains from hardwood floors!

After sweeping the stained area, simply spray a small amount of WD-40 onto a lint-free cloth and rub the stain vigorously. This magic stuff will remove crayon, ink, permanent marker and even nail polish. For a finished, shining look treat the area with your retail recommended floor cleaner.

What cleaning product do you use for everything?

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  1. spray a little on a soft cloth and try it first an a small area. if the floor is raw or old it could leave grease marks in the timber.

  2. My floors have lost there shine maybe I wash them to much ,I use vingerand hot water, I spend a lot of time in my back kichen , maybe it would be better tiled, although have wood floors all the way through except Bathroom ANY IDEAS

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