Christie Brinkley snapped in her bikini: She could be 21! 1



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Christie Brinkley snapped in her bikini… and the way we see it she could be 21! In fact, we think she is doing her best for the 61 year olds of the world.

There was some debate this week that she was trying to break Instagram with her bikini body pictures that her family took and posted. Brinkley is holidaying in the Italian ocean aboard a yacht that would make all of us jealous, and her photos on Instagram show the joy de vivre she is enjoying.

One fan even said “It is great to see you living your life in reverse”.

Enjoy. We all love a bit of a look at how the other half live!

Climbing up to see the Saint in the Grotta Bianchi in honor of our beloved Poppy. #14July #3yearstoday ❤️ Don Brinkley

A photo posted by Christie Brinkley (@christiebrinkley) on

Au Revaderci Mi Amici!!! Off to go on a Sailing Adventure! ✈️ My purse @figuelove and inside my bag is @brinkleybeauty !

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  1. W. Must be a slow day for interesting news stories. Really who cares she was a model how else should she look at 61.

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