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Cher and her mother have shown that ageless beauty runs in their DNA!

The soon-to-be 70-year-old pop star shared a photo of herself and her soon-to-be 90-year-old mother on twitter on Sunday.

The sweet photo shows a wonderful bond between mother and daughter, as well as the crazy good genetics they share!

“This is what 70 & 90 looks like in my family… Mum has NO MAKE UP ON,” she writes as the caption.

It is almost shocking that her mother, Georgia Holt, can still rock a whispy, blonde hair style and no make up at her age, you can barely even see any wrinkles!

Mrs Holt is wearing a gorgeous black dress with cropped jacket and her equally gorgeous daughter is rocking a low-cut white top and cardigan.

Some of her followers suggested their youthful skin was too good to be true, and argued that the famous celebrity may have turned to photoshop, as many celebrities do, for a little help.

Cher quickly shut them down tweeting that she doesn’t even know how to use software to alter photos.

Cher and her mother have a special bond, she paid tribute to her in her 2013 documentary, Dear Mom, Love Cher. A film which goes into detail about her mum’s childhood, marriages, singing and acting career and support of her daughter.

Cher released a statement to during the airing of her documentary saying, “my sister and I are prod of our mum and we want to share her with the world. My mum is exactly like Rocky. She never gives up!”

See the tweet everyone is talking about:

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  1. Well that is what 70 and 90 look like with lots of surgery – I don’t think you can get credit when you have had surgery alter your face and I like Cher but I think she looks quite strange now. Why is aging so bad?

    1 REPLY
  2. Give me strength. We can ALL look fabulous if we’ve had 100s and 1,000s of dollars spent on being rebuilt. Cher was hardly an oil painting in her younger days. There’s nothing left of the originak Cher or her mother. I find this article particularly annoying.

  3. Hmmmmm. It’s not in the DNA.’s in the wallet. 😉😉😉😉😉😉

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