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There always seems to be a lot of buzz surrounding the British royals thanks to the arrival of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby girl but we want to know if you have a favourite royal?

Why do you love them so much? Is it every possible to choose one?

Queen Elizabeth has held such poise and grace in her sixty-plus years on the throne. Here’s to many more!

Prince Charles has lived much of his life in his mother’s shadow but remains a proud national icon.

Princess Diana will always be remembered for her beauty and genuinely down to earth nature.

Prince Harry has had his share of controversies but by all account has grown into a dashing and kind young man.

And who can forget the happy new family, William, Kate, George and Charlotte? We love you all so much!

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  1. Princess Diana was my favourite, Charles should never be King and should hand the thrown over to William and Kate who are my favourite now. I hope that when the Queen steps down that William becomes King. Charles is a divorcee who married the 3rd person in the marriage of Princess Diana.

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    • Oh dear here we go again having a go at prince Charles,remember he was the last of Princes to do his duty and not marry the women he loved.o.k it was hard for princess Di but she knew the truth but still marries then started making his life Hell throwing herself down stairs and going public with her side of the storey.
      thank goodness that time has past and our lovely princes now can marry for love not duty so called in those dark days..
      I am delighted to see them all with the partners they want to be with and happy
      I do hope I will see the day when Charles is crowned King,the thing he has been trained for all his life.

  2. Not a one, they are inbred snobs , lazy, that hunt animals and do nothing
    Millions of tax payers dollars to keep them

  3. There are other royal families much more interesting than them.They just don’t get the same massive publicity that the Brits get

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