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We’ve been having a lot of fun today talking about hot men and it got us wondering who you’d choose in Hollywood as your Silver Fox for a bit of light chatter.

Last year a poll of over 1000 people named George Clooney a “Silver Fox”…   the sexiest ageing star in Hollywood.  But is he who you would pick for a chat tonight?

The poll by a hair transplant centre in northern England, named 53 year old George at number one, followed by Brad Pitt, who is now 50 years old at number two, and Johnny Depp who is 51, at number three. Results in a similar poll on Starts at 60 brought Richard Gere (66) and Colin Firth (55) forward as your top two choices. Others named included middle aged men Daniel Craig, the most recent James Bond,  Aussie hottie Hugh Jackman of Wolverine fame.  Funnily enough, all the men named have lusciously full heads of hair… which we want to challenge a little.  Surely men with a few less strands on top can still qualify on the top of the hot-list.

So I think we can get a better grip on the hottest Silver Foxes in your heart today but listening to some Natter.

What we really want to know is who you would vote for in our own poll of Sexy Screen Silver Foxes… Tell us in the comments on Facebook or below.

Here’s some inspiration.

Silver Foxes_startsat60

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. Mark Harmon and Matt Damon. Hands down the best 💕💕💕

  2. Richard Gere! My all time favorite no matter what color his hair!!x

  3. Bill Nighy. His humour, his ‘ordinariness’, his expressions, his wit, zhis stories could keep me entertained forever. Anything else would be a bonus! He’s gorgeous.

  4. 1. Mark Harmon (NCIS) 2. William Petersen (CSI)

  5. 1. Richard Gere for sure 2. Mark Harmon (NCIS)

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