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Looking back and understanding family history can be an incredibly interesting activity. Online databases nowadays make it easier than ever to trace your own family history. Have you ever tried to trace back your family roots? Where did your family come from?

Nan Bosler from our Starts at 60 community has spent many years seeking out her family’s genealogy and shares with us the joy of doing so, and gives us some pointers on how you can start searching out your family tree in Australia.

The search for the story of your family is exhilarating, frustrating, time consuming and can be expensive; it’s wonderful!  Slowly your heritage is revealed, you meet fellow researchers, you have the joy of sharing what you have found and being given wonderful information that you only dreamt of finding for yourself. You find cousins four times removed and become instant friends.

  1. Step into the online world.
  2. Store and catalogue your research carefully.
  3. Put social history around your tree. 
  4. Collect family stories. 

To find out more about Nan Bosler’s experience take a look here.

Have you got tips and tricks on searching for your family’s genealogy or had some experience with systems, processes or online tools that helped you?  Share them with others in the community by leaving your comments below.   


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  1. A tip to wanna-be Genealogists – just DON’T! It will consume you, it will take over your life – you will be up ’til 1a.m. or later every night, you will have pieces of paper all over your house – just DON’T!

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    • Good one, Ally. Sounds like me on Facebook LOL

  2. genealogy is like playing Hide & go Seek, they hide (usually behind brick walls) and you seek♫

  3. Im Prussian.. cornish from pirate descent. Im pommie from convicts.

  4. I was able to find an answer to a medical condition while researching my mothers family. We didn’t know anything about her family as we only knew her father and one brother. It has been life saving for me, as I was fitted with a pacemaker which has kept me going. Long live genealogy. I love the late nights, paper covering my table, folders on the floor and pictures everywhere.

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