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Christmas is a special time for many families, allowing for some great quality time that isn’t always available throughout the busy working year. Whilst children are often preoccupied with the impending visit from Santa and his reindeer, parents look forward to some time away from their busy work schedules and a few days of respite from their career responsibilities. This can mean that getting as far away as possible from the everyday via a long awaited holiday is a top priority.

As a child, it can be exciting setting off somewhere new with your family and pondering all the great adventures you’re going to have.

If you’re setting off somewhere you’ve been before, often you’ll recall memories from your last visit and look forward to locations and things that entertained you on your previous trip.

Today we’d love to know, where did your parents or loved ones take you for Christmas holidays? Do you have a favourite location? Do you still visit the area?

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  1. Rosebud was our most visited Christmas holiday destination because of the sake to of the beach

  2. We usually went to London to my dads family my greatest love was going to the theatre to a pantomime and seeing the Christmas lights The atmosphere was magic especially when it snowed we kids were always excited

  3. We’d a house at Palm Beach. Loved it!
    Just a 30m walk to the beach.

    Probably worth squillions $ now!

  4. we used to have Christmas Day with grandparents then on Boxing Day we’d head off with 2-3 other families to Bunbury for a tent holiday (in a tent park – tents were provided along with the icebox and camp stretchers/ bunks and mattresses. The iceman came by daily and we’d go to the bakery early each morning to get fresh bread. The day was spent swimming, fishing etc. On New Years Eve there was a street parade with floats and fun for all ages. We also used to go to the local basketball games. Good fun – I was only young but I remember it well

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