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We have all met one person who will emphatically tell you that they are ‘not afraid of anything’. Perhaps you are that person. However possessing a fear or phobia is not uncommon.

Whilst some you may hear of are quite outlandish and a little mindboggling, common phobias such as fears of dangerous animals like spiders and snakes and the fear of falling from high altitudes are actually an evolutionary trait, which nature has developed to safe guard us against certain dangers.

Other more personal or unique fears and phobias can stem from previous life experiences of yourself and others around you, as well as misunderstanding a naivety.

We’d like to know, ‘do you have any fears or phobias? If so, what’s your biggest fear?’

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  1. [email protected]

    My biggest fear, is to die alone

  2. My boys will never get there closeness back not being allowed to talk to each other again breaks my heart

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